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Interspecies Conflict/Barbary Lion vs Siberian Tiger


Please, compare Barbary lion vs Siberian tiger (both male)on size and weight as well as tell us:
1) Which is more aggressive?
2) Which is more fearless?
3) Which could run away in a exhausting fight?
4) Which will beat other in a fight to death?

Hello Ehsan.

Comparing Barbary lion & Siberian tiger

Barbary lion size & weight: Barbary lions, by most estimations, were similar in size to today's African lions (about 1.2 meters at the shoulder; over 2 meters in length; almost 3 meters including the tail; weight approaching 250kg).  Some estimates (unsubstantiated) assigned greater dimensions.

Siberian tiger size & weight: The Siberian tiger is currently regarded as the largest modern cat, but the size of this cat has been reduced over the years (shoulder height over 1.15 meters; almost 2.25 meters in length; 3.25 meters in length including the tail; weight approaching 300kg).

Q: Which is more aggressive?
A: Hard to say.  Barbary lions were believed to be less combative as African lions (difference in frequency of territorial disputes was one possible reason), but all big cats can be aggressive when they need to be.  The Siberian tiger may have the edge in aggression, but they are probably closer to equal than anything else.

Q: Which is more fearless?
A: All big cats are fearless when they are faced with a task that is key to their survival.  Siberian tigers don't have food/prey readily available like other predators, and this probably drives them to make sure they complete a kill the best they can when it presents itself.  Barbary lions didn't have large prides like today's African lions (usually solo or groups of 2 or 3), but may not have had the same urgency in every hunting situation as the solitary tiger.  However, a solitary cat usually proceeds with caution (which doesn't imply the presence of fear) because it can't afford to be seriously injured (which would render it unable to hunt).  Not enough is known about the Barbary lion to pinpoint levels of aggression/fearlessness.

Q: Which could run away in a exhausting fight?
A: Big cats don't have great stamina, but are built to perform actions in concentrated, explosive bursts.  If a Siberian tiger is battling a brown bear (which has great stamina) and begins to tire, it will likely break off its assault.  Barbary lions rarely encountered prey (or predators) they couldn't overcome, but would likely have  broken off any attack after tiring as the tiger would.  

Q: Which will beat other in a fight to death?
A: The Siberian tiger would probably win more times than not based on its weight advantage (20% heavier).  An equal-weight fight would probably be a 50/50 affair.

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