Interspecies Conflict/reflexes rating


1.Can you rate these animals(out of 100)according to their quick reflexes?
canadian lynx
polar bear
brown bear
golden eagle
harpy eagle
red tailed hawk
barn owl
cape hare
rock pigeon
ringed parakeet
2.Lastly,Some fights.
Assume each BIRD is a female on average sizes.
pergrine falcon vs red tailed hawk
great horned owl vs red tailed hawk
golden eagle vs bald eagle
harpy eagle vs stellers sea eagle vs Philippines eagle
andean condor vs martial eagle
lappet faced vulture vs peregrine falcon
rock pigeon vs ringed parakeet

Hello Mukul.

Reflex rating (approximate) 1-100
margay: 100
cougar: 100
canadian lynx: 100
polar bear: 80
brown bear: 80
golden eagle: not sure; 85
harpy eagle: 85
red tailed hawk: 85
barn owl: 85
peafowl: not sure; 80
peccary: 75
warthog: 75
wolf: 75
cape hare: 70
rock pigeon: 80
ringed parakeet: 80

Fights - all females; average sizes

peregrine falcon vs red-tailed hawk: The red-tailed hawk is slightly heavier than the peregrine falcon.  Either bird can win with an ambush, but face-to-face will probably favor the larger bird.  Edge to red-tailed hawk.

great horned owl vs red-tailed hawk: The great horned owl will weigh up to about 50% more than the red-tailed hawk (but they can be close in size).  The owl has very strong talons.  Both are capable of killing one another, but the larger owl has the edge.

golden eagle vs bald eagle: These birds average about the same size, with the bald eagle being slightly heavier.  Golden eagles are bold & aggressive, but bald eagles won't hesitate to fight other birds or steal food from them.  Close battle, could go either way, but I slightly favor the bald eagle if it's heavier.

harpy eagle vs steller's sea eagle: Steller's sea eagle is slightly heavier than the harpy eagle, and has a slightly longer wingspan.  These birds are similar in power & weaponry, but the harpy eagle might have the edge in mobility with its shorter wings (an adaptation for maneuvering through the rainforest canopy while hunting).  Close to 50/50; slightest of edges to the harpy eagle.

harpy eagle vs phillipine eagle: The harpy eagle is slightly heavier than the Phillipine eagle, and the wingspans are comparable.  Both are similar in power & weaponry.  Close to 50/50.

steller's sea eagle vs phillipine eagle: Steller's sea eagle is slightly heavier than the Phillipine eagle and has a slightly greater wingspan.  The Phillipine eagle might have an advantage in mobility, but both birds are similar in power & weaponry.  Close to 50/50.

andean condor vs martial eagle: The Andean condor will weigh almost 2 1/2 times as much as the martial eagle.  The condor is a scavenger (and has much less formidable talons), and won't have the same level of mobility in the air as the martial eagle (which is a fierce predator).  Martial eagle wins.

lappet-faced vulture vs peregrine falcon: The lappet-faced vulture can weigh 6 times as much as a peregrine falcon.  The lappet-faced vulture has the largest beak of any bird of prey, and is the most dominant of any vulture at a carcass.  The peregrine falcon is smaller, but will have a definite mobility advantage in the air.  The peregrine falcon can dive at tremendous speeds to capture prey, and it can easily disable a lappet-faced vulture with a high-speed ambush.  It would likely be able to harass the larger bird without much worry, but once on the ground, the vulture would have the advantage.

rock pigeon vs ringed parakeet: The rock pigeon can weigh twice as much as a ringed parakeet.  The rock pigeon's greater size would probably be enough to grant it the victory, but I'm not sure about these birds.  Probably a win for the rock pigeon.

Back on 8-11-2013, you asked me about a matchup between the black-backed jackal & the side-striped jackal (at parity), and I did not include it in the answers I gave you.  Here it is:

Black-backed jackal vs Side-striped jackal (at parity): Both of these canid have similar offensive attributes (decent bites/good lateral quickness/endurance), but the Black-backed jackal is typically more aggressive & confrontational.  The black-backed jackal sometimes preys on livestock (as well as the usual prey items).  The side-striped jackal is the more omnivorous of the jackal species (feasting on rodents, birds, eggs, lizards, insects, fruit, etc.).  Black-backed jackal wins.

Best regards.

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