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I hope you remember me about asking Bully Kutta vs Tosa. And you said that the Tosa is the winner. But I saw a dogfight in which the Bully Kutta was the winner. Here's the link:

And here is my other faceoff:

Dogo Canario vs Bully Kutta

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I have a new schedule that makes it problematic for me to answer as many questions as I'd like to, but I'll do what I can until I am able to open things up a little more.  Keep asking though!

Bully Kuttas & Tosas are right at the top of the list when one considers skills for combat.  These dogs have different fighting styles, but both are highly effective.  As with any dog vs dog matchup, one particular breed isn't going to win every time just because it should win more times than not.  With the Bully Kutta and the Tosa, it can simply be a matter of which dog is better on any given day.  I rank Tosas, Bully Kuttas (and certainly Gull Dongs), Caucasian Ovcharkas, & Presa Canarios as high as any other dog, but on a given day a Kangal, Boerboel, American Bulldog, or other formidable breed might best them in a confrontation.  When so many dogs have the proper physical characteristics & skill sets to be a formidable combatant, its hard to place a single one on a pedestal.  But of the handful of truly elite fighters, Tosas & Bully Kuttas are definitely among them.  

Dogo Canario vs Bully Kutta: The Presa Canario will weigh about 3/4th of the Bully Kutta's weight.  Presa Canarios are strong, muscular, confident dogs that have massive, square heads & large jaws.  They have well-muscled chest, neck, & shoulder areas, and have been used for guarding & driving cattle (as well as fighting).  Although usually docile, Presas can be powerful & skilled combatants.   Bully Kuttas are powerful & intelligent, have thick bones & wide jaws, and have loose, tough skin.  They are very agile for their size (and their movements have been compared to a tiger or a lion), and are naturally dog-aggressive.  Bully Kuttas have been used in the past (and in the present) for hunting, guarding, and fighting.  The Bully Kutta's weight advantage will certainly help it here, but it won't be an easy battle at all.  Both breeds can be ferocious, and can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time.  The solid, compact build of the Presa will make it tough to overpower, but the quickness of the Bully Kutta should enable it to remain in a good biting position.  The Presa Canario will have more success at parity, but it's giving up too much weight here to be favored.  Close fight between 2 great dogs, but the Bully Kutta has the edge.

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