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Hey Jim.

You back for good or have you just got a bit of spare time on your hands?
Anyways here goes.

Female Cougar 50kg vs Female Spotted Hyena 60kg
Male Sloth Bear 130kg vs 2 Gray Wolves 60kg each
Male Sloth Bear 130kg vs Lioness 140kg
Wolverine 18kg vs Canadian Lynx 20kg
American Badger vs Bobcat
Gamebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier 25kg vs Eurasion Lynx 25kg
Male Lion 200kg vs 5 Gray Wolves (determined to fight) 60kg each.


Hey Mick

Not too sure yet. I do have spare time at the moment but I'm not sure how long after I can maintain this. We shall see.

Female Cougar vs Female Spotted Hyena - The weights give me some pause but I think if the cougar is committed to the fight it will win. It's obviously a very difficult task, but they are supreme physical specimens and elite killing machines. Would it be able to kill the hyena? I'm not sure, but it should get the better of a fight.

Male Sloth Bear vs 2 Gray Wolves - Not really sure here. I would lean towards the bear, simply because the wolves would struggle to make any real inroads with just the two of them. A bit of a toss up really, depending on circumstances.

Male Sloth Bear vs Lioness - Sloth bear aggression is why they often look quite good in reported cases of interspecies conflict. In a fight it has very little hope of being able to match it with a normal sized lioness, let alone a big one like this.

Wolverine vs Canadian Lynx - The 2kg could be significant at this size but I'll stick with the wolverine. It's a good physical match up with durability the only significant advantage for either. Then with the wolverine's ferocity and determination I have to pick it.

American Badger vs Bobcat - Assuming normal weights here, which would basically put it at parity anyway, 7-11kg type weights. I'm going to have to go with a 50/50 here sorry. Both combative and aggressive animals with decent weaponry.

Gamebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier vs Eurasian Lynx - Very tough to call here. I think the Staffy would completely physically dominate the fight, but that doesn't mean it would win. The lynx is a far greater chance of a kill. That is what it does to survive and it is perfectly designed to do it. Whether or not it can kill an equally weighted bull breed is the query. Might have to sit on the fence here too!

Male Lion vs 5 Gray Wolves - 5 makes it interesting but ultimately I'm not going against the lion. The ease with which it could kill a single wolf is going to make it too big an ask. I don't think a paw swipe is going to kill a wolf or anything like that, but the lion could grab and bite a wolf in a 2 second window, and that could be enough to end it. As soon as one is killed the pack's odds drop dramatically. Too big an ask I think.

Thanks Mick. Feel free to give your own thoughts or ask more.

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