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Hello bk nice to be contacting you again and I did get my answer on the whale question by the way.Any ways ive been having a debate on who would win between a wildebeest and a wolverine,so I would like your answer on this.


Hello Gian.  Good to hear from you.

Wolverine vs Wildebeest: A wildebeest can weigh from 10-14 times as much as a wolverine, and stands almost 3 1/2 times as tall at the shoulder.  Wolverines are among the strongest mammals pound-for-pound, and are well-known for their boldness & ferocity.  They have thick furry hides, powerful jaws (can crunch through frozen meat & bone), strong limbs with sharp claws, & supple bodies.  Wolverines often stand up to wolves & black bears in disputes over carcasses, and sometimes chase these more formidable predators away.  These mustelids have good durability & good endurance, and fight savagely with their jaws & claws (often engaging from on their backs).  In regards to pound-for-pound combat prowess, the wolverine is among the best in the animal kingdom.  Wildebeests are sturdy antelopes with ox-like horns approaching 2 1/2ft in length.  They commonly deal with predators like lions, leopards, hyenas, African hunting dogs, & crocodiles.  Wildebeests primarily use their horns to defend themselves, but their hooves can be potentially dangerous as well.  Wolverines have predated upon cervids (caribou, moose, etc.) that exceed the size of a wildebeest, but these situations are conditional.  A wolverine can overpower a large herbivore that's old, injured, unhealthy, or slowed down by deep snow (or otherwise encumbered), but the chances are much less when none of these factors exist (and even then it's attack is typically by ambush).  If a wildebeest was placed in deep snow with a wolverine, the limited mobility of the antelope would make it vulnerable to the mustelid's attack.  The wolverine would be able to latch onto it and begin causing damage without great fear from a counter-attack.  However, if a wolverine was placed in an area similar to the savanna with a wildebeest, it would have great difficulty launching a successful assault as the wildebeest would have the agility & lateral quickness to keep the predator in front of it (and gore it or trample it).  A wildebeest has the power to injure any of the predators that routinely attack it, and a wolverine will have a small chance to dispatch a healthy one on solid ground without sustaining serious injury itself.  A wolverine isn't without hope, but it won't be favored against the much larger animal.  Wildebeest wins.  

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