Interspecies Conflict/Animal faceoff


Who do you think would win these match-ups?

Cougar vs. Dogo Argentino
Cougar vs. Leopard
North American Grey Wolf vs. Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Nile Crocodile vs. Green Anaconda
Kangal vs. "non poisonous" Komodo Dragon
Great Dane vs. Cheetah
Hippo vs. 2 Walruses
North American Grey Wolf vs. Spotted Hyena
Giant Squid vs. Orca
Tibetan Mastiff vs Snow Leopard
Wolverine vs Tibetan Mastiff
Wolverine vs. Pit Bull
Pit Bull vs African Honey Badger
Giant Grouper Fish vs. American Alligator
Striped Hyena vs. Caucasian Ovtcharka
White Rhino vs. Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear
Siberian Tiger/Grizzly Bear/Polar Bear/Lion "all fighting together" vs. Adult Male Elephant

Hey Greg,

Cougar vs Dogo Argentino - Cougar easily. It takes multiple Dogos to hunt Cougars and even then hunters regularly lose their dogs.

Cougar vs Leopard - One of the oldest and most talked about match ups. I feel it's pretty much 50/50 and depends on the individuals involved. Both species have their advantages and disadvantages and ultimately I don't think you could definitively say one beats the other the majority of the time.

North American Grey Wolf vs Caucasian Shepherd Dog - I just answered a question on this subject today. I said I don't feel any of those big Asian Sheperd dogs have what it takes to beat a prime male wolf in a head on fight. The wolf's weapons are too good and it will be much too athletic.

Nile Crocodile vs Green Anaconda - Unless the snake is ridiculously big, it simply won't be able to constrict the crocodile before being bit into chunks.

Kangal vs Komodo Dragon - Bad match up for any dog really. The Komodo is huge and powerful, and I can't see many dogs being able to control it due to lack of gripping hands or claws. Even without poison, the Komodo's fight will still have enough behind it to end the dog.

Great Dane vs Cheetah - I don't want to devalue the already devalued cheetah, but this is a bad fight for it. The GD has size and strength on its side, and well-bred ones tend to be very effective hunters. A pet GD would likely be killed though.

Hippo vs 2 Walruses - Haha well I think the hippo still wins. The second walrus won't have the speed to attack the hippo quick enough while it is killing his friend. Too much manoeuvrability for the hippo.

North American Grey Wolf vs Spotted Hyena - Average vs average and the hyena is probably too big. At parity I favour the wolf more these days. It seems to be by far the more impressive fighter of the two and with both have weaponry to kill the other, the wolf's superior ability and speed could be the difference.

Giant Squid vs Orca - Orca definitely, far superior to squid.

Tibetan Mastiff vs Snow Leopard - Any leopard over 50 kg wins. Under that and we've got an interesting scenario. A fit and capable Tibetan Mastiff will probably be 65-70kg, so it's a decent advantage. They are excellent guard dogs and physically imposing, but Tibetan mastiffs are not fighters. But if willing to stick to the fight, I think it could beat a smaller Snow leopard.

Wolverine vs Tibetan Mastiff - Again, if the mastiff sticks to it, it is simply far too big for the wolverine. The most likely scenario is the wolverine scaring the mastiff off though.

Wolverine vs Pitbull - The wolverine has to be a big one, over 20kg. If so, it's a very interesting and tough fight. I think it would go on for quite a while. The dog would be physically superior in most areas and would likely dominate the fight. But the wolverine is extremely hardy and I don't see it being killed. The wolverine has very dangerous weaponry too, so the longer it takes the pit to finish it, the more likely the wolverine itself does damage to the dog. I like the wolverine at parity, but I think generally the dog is going to have a size advantage enough to win.

Pitbull vs African Honey Badger - The dog is too big. Again at parity, I like the badger. Has the durability to withstand the dog's dominant attacks, plus the weaponry to take advantage of any opening it finds.

Giant Grouper Fish vs American Alligator- Terrible match up for the fish. The gator is too long and too big for the fish to do what it does to it. And the gator's jaws will end the fish very quickly.

Striped Hyena vs Caucasian Ovcharka - I think the dog would be too big. It will likely get some nasty injuries, and on occasion will even be killed, but the majority of fights would see the dog being too physically dominant.

White Rhino vs Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear - 2 v 1 is tough, but this should be the rhino's win. It charges at whichever bear it chooses, and if not ending it right there and then, at least badly wounds it. In the 3-4 seconds this takes, the other bear is going to be able to do next to no damage to the rhino. Then the rhino charges at the other bear, and so on. On paper it looks OK for the bears but realistically there's no advantage.

Predator Dream Team vs Adult Male Elephant - Very interesting. Again, on paper it seems like the team would have the advantage here. But I just can't see any realistic scenario where the elephant doesn't just pick them off one by one. The key to multiples vs one is the multiples being able to to take advantage of the moments where the one is zoned in on a single member of the team. Let's say that one is the lion, and you've got a tiger, grizzly and polar bear free to attack. I can't see them being able to do any significant, game changing damage to the elephant. Meanwhile, the lion is almost certainly dead and it's now three on one. I can definitely see how people would look at that and say "oh yeah, the predators win this one", but really thinking about it, it's hard to picture.

Hope that helps mate.  

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