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Thanks again Jim.

1: Elite GSD vs. ratel at (hypothetical) parity
2: Elite Rott vs. ratel at parity
3: You said you would somewhat favor a black rhino against a boar at hypothetical parity. The boar could win though, right?
4: Wolverine vs. wolf at parity. I want to believe the wolverine has the advantage but even at parity the wolf still has the stronger bite, doesn't it?
5: Travis vs. 2 dholes at normal weights
6: Travis vs. alpha AWD
7: Travis vs. spectacled bear at parity
8: Lynx vs. elite pit at parity
9: Elite Tosa vs. average (non-alpha) chimp at parity
10: Jaguar vs. panda at parity


No worries Martin,

1: The ratel should win. Far too durable for a dog to finish off. At parity it would be just as strong and has the tools to end the fight.

2: As above. Hard for any dog at parity.

3: Well sure, but we'd be talking a very small percentage here. It's just out-matched in every way.

4: It would have the stronger bite yes, but the wolverine would have advantages in nearly every other area. Generally speaking, mustelid vs canid at parity should favour the mustelid.

5: Interesting fight. Dholes are very intelligent hunters and know how to work together. If Travis gets a hold of one it would kill it pretty quick and from there it's just a matter of time. But due to their cunning and speed, I would give the dholes a very good chance of pulling this off.

6: Despite all the size and aggression of Travis, his biggest advantage here is still his hands. Bad fight for the AWD.

7: Definitely like the bear here. Has the toughness to withstand any attack and the weaponry to kill the ape.

8: I'm sure most people would go with the lynx but I favour the dog. It'll be so powerful and almost certainly have the lynx on the ground quickly. The big question is whether or not the lynx can kill the dog from the bottom quicker than the dog from the top? It would be close due to the dog's poor killing ability, but it will definitely be in the most advantageous position and I think it should be favoured.

9: As with #6 the hands are the difference. The chimp is immensely strong and being able to control the dog is a big advantage. Won't write the Tosa off, but it's a tough fight.

10: Almost certainly the jaguar here. Far better equip to taking on large animals.

Hope that helps Martin.

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