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(a)I was first time asking you,
Assume each animal is average sized male with no ambush.
1.polar bear vs spanish fighting bull
2.kodiak bear vs cape buffalo
3.american black bear vs musk ox
4.sun bear vs snow leopard
5.canadian lynx vs african golden cat
6.bop cat vs fishing cat vs ocelot(just rank them)
7.Arabian leopard vs brown hyena
8.cheetah vs chamaca baboon vs capybara vs giant anteater vs cassowary(just rank them)
9.sun bear vs spotted hyena
10.moose vs musk ox
(b)I somewhere readed that the ranges of snow leopard and Eurasian lynx overlap.So in your opinion what would happen if they meet in these ranges?Do snow leopard take it as competition or not?
(c)I also readed somewhere that ranges of clouded leopard overlap with eurasian lynx,So in your opinion how do they would react.Which of them is more dominating.Also who will win between their fight if both were average sized male.  

Hey Mukul. Sorry for the delay.

1. I think most people would go with the polar bear but I would heavily side with the bull here. It'll just be too quick for the bear, and it can do a huge amount of damage very quickly. The idea that the bear can just grab the bull's head and control it is fantasy.

2. Pretty much the same thing here, with bigger animals. The bull has to be stopped very quickly or the damage will add too much, and I just don't see the bear doing it. Bad match up for bears.

3. And now a light-weight version of the match up. The bear has a decent chance here, because musk ox are very much lesser bovid, but I still wouldn't favour it, not unless it was bigger than average.

4. Good match up here, probably 50kg vs 50kg. I like the bear, but not by much. It's a very impressive animal on paper and a snow leopard I think would be within its capabilities. Snow leopards are obviously impressive animals too, and kill to survive, so I think if they fought ten times the leopard would win at least a couple of times.

5. Tough one. I don't rate the Canada or Iberian Lynx very highly as combatants, but there's really not much to go on with the African Golden Cat. Even the average size is hard to say, which is very important in this fight. If it's at parity, or close to, I would be inclined to go with the Golden Cat. It hunts far more impressive prey, which indicates to me it is stronger than it looks and has very capable weaponry.

6. I consider these possibly the three elite small cats. So we'll just say they're all exactly the same size here because otherwise the larger animal would likely be superior. I'd put it Bobcat > Fishing Cat > Ocelot. It's splitting hairs though really, all would likely be capable of beating the others at some point.

7. The hyena would probably be at least 10 kg heavier. Too much weight advantage I think.

8. Wow this is crazy hard! All of them would have completely different match ups with the other animals, so it's almost impossible to rank them amongst the group. If I have to- cheetah > cassowary > capybara > baboon > anteater

9. Sun bear again I'd say. With similar reasoning to the snow leopard fight.

10. Moose are way bigger and more formidable than musk ox.

b. Oh yeah definitely. But the lynx know they're outmatched here, so they won't go anywhere near the snow leopards.

c. Well this would be entirely determinant on the sizes of the individuals involved. The clouded leopard could be bigger or the Eurasian lynx could be bigger. Whichever was bigger would reign supreme. If they were similar sizes they would likely fight for dominance. If that happened I would back the Clouded leopard. I feel it would be far too much for any other similarly sized cat.

Hope that helps mate.

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