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how are you I am fine

I wanted to ask you a fairly odd question it is about a dog fighting a girl you see  when it was school time I hated it a lot and it was due to the bullies every day was a constant battle and I hated it the worst bully was a girl named Sally she was always getting suspended for fighting and I mean fightin not just slapping or pushing she knew how to use her fists she once said she feared no kid or dog and I stupidly  asked her wht she meant by dog she said a large Chihuahua attacked her and she he beat up real bad and thus proved she did not fear dogs she beat up several kids and for the longest time I belived her but then later on I learned about very powerful dogs and I doubted her other dog stories ones where she vanquished Doberman pinchers I was so afraid of her that when she would catch me alone in the hallway I would treat her like a queen by bowing down to her and doing embarrassing things which appealed to her she constantly chased me around but I always wondered about those dog slayer stories and so I ask you cand a girl skilled in karate beat a dog I my brother says yes Ii said the dog could grab her before she could stop him he said the girl would land kicks that coul break the dog's bones I say he'd knock her down and shred her  he sai she would flip him over her when he charges and he'd go down and be finished this went on for an hour but we did not agree so I suggested we ask you here are some cases that show a dog's strength an durability

in Canada a swat team entered the wrong house and were attacked by a Doberman they shot at him b he survive 4 direct hits from their  9 mm guns and caused serious damage to 4 of the officers   before he died

a another do survive 6 gunshots while attacking a child

another survived being beat for several minutes with a bat and still continued to attack his victim

another dog was run over with a 2000 pound car and survived  

I thought this stuff was scary but it proved one thing no girl has the the strength to fight a dog and win but then there girls that prove me wrong a girl  wrestled a dog to he ground that was attacking her younger brother and another girl supposedly kicked a dog away from another kid breaking the dogs teeth and so I wonder if there is something I was missing also several articles on the internet say a dog is no real match for an average man so that made me wonder if a child skilled in karate could take on a dog the main article is Man vs dog on carnivore  every one says a man can easily beat the average dog and then my brother said that many dogs only weigh 50 to 80 lbs which is equal to many children so the strength of both dog and girl is about equal so maybe he's right but I wanted to make sure so Bk is a child stronger than a same sized dog and could Sally beat a same sized dog with her karate she was about 4'8 and at least 86 lbs

I will screen out pitbulls cause they are deadly strong

giant snauzer vs Sally

border collie vs Sally

American foxhouud vs Sally

Pomeranian vs Sally

Chihuahua vs Sally

Doberman vs Sally

these dogs will either be rabid or protection trained to ensure they fight their hardest Sally has no fear and will fight to the death also or until se beats them please stay opened mineded we are not crazy just curious thank you for your time

Hello Alex.  I'm doing OK here.

There's a lot of factors to be considered with a question like this.  As with any martial art, karate requires several years of practice to gain proficiency, and some take to it better than others.  However, martial arts training is geared toward assuming one's opponent is a human, not a dog.  The skills acquired in learning karate may transition to a small degree in specific actions (like kicking) that may give one a better chance against an attacking dog than someone without these skills, but the offense of a dog will be quite different than that of a human.  Defending against this will require a different type of preparation.  Typically one learning karate will develop (among other things) self-discipline, physical fitness, & mental toughness, and these assets will be of greater use against an attacking dog that the actual kicks, strikes, & blocks that may be employed against an attacking human.

Another factor to consider is the dog itself.  Some dogs are friendly, playful, & non-combative.  A kid attacking one may succeed in making it run away because it won't be interested in engaging.  Some dogs are young, strong & healthy while others are older, slower, in poor health, and less formidable.  Some dogs are strong, combative, & dangerous.  There's no way to determine if the dogs Sally allegedly came across were on one end of the spectrum or the other.  I'd imagine, with few exceptions, any dog similar to the size of a child will physically be much stronger.

Humans are different as well.  There are many kids of similar sizes & ages that are vastly different in their capabilities & mentality.  There are many kids that are 4'8", 86lb, and know karate, but they aren't the same in their overall abilities.

Karate is a versatile martial art, and primarily focuses on blocks & strikes.  Other martial arts (like judo & sambo) primarily utilize techniques like throws, joint locks, & chokes.  Sally's skill set may have included some of these, but even if it did, it's unlikely enough time was properly put into her art (considering her demeanor) to become proficient enough to dominate anything more than smaller kids & small dogs.  An adult skilled at a martial art will be much more formidable (pound-for-pound) than a child skilled at a martial art due to experience, physical & mental development, and other factors.  I'm basically trying to say that Sally isn't a smaller version of Bruce Lee.  There is likely training for humans to defend themselves against dogs in the military, but not in a dojo.  A trained adult will have a greater chance to prevail against an equal-sized dog than a child will against an equal-sized dog.  An average human may do well against some dogs, but not others (for example, a Turkish Kangal is much more formidable than a Golden Retriever).  As with all hypothetical conflicts, there are no cookie-cutter answers.  Different results can happen for different reasons (even the improbable).  Kids defending other kids from dogs can occur, but there's different kinds of kids & different kinds of dogs.   

* matchups *

Giant Schnauzer vs Sally: A Giant Schnauzer can weigh 80lb, and is large and squarely-built.  It is brave & protective, and should be supervised with children.  Assuming this dog is protection-trained, it will be able to use its bite more effectively against Sally than anything offensive Sally will offer.  Learning karate & being a bully aren't concepts that should go hand-in-hand, and one practicing both will have likely left something important behind (like self-discipline).  Against a trained Giant Schnauzer, I can't see Sally winning this.

Border collie vs Sally: A Border Collie can weigh 50lb, and is a very energetic, intelligent dog.  From Sally's standpoint, the movements & actions of this dog will be quicker & less predictable than the movements of a human opponent.  Karate simply isn't as effective against a dog as it is against a human.  A trained Border Collie will likely land several bites before Sally can react, and without the proverbial "lucky hit", she won't have a good chance of prevailing.

American Foxhound vs Sally: The American Foxhound can weigh 75lb.  It is generally an easy-going dog, but will defend itself against attack with its bite.  A trained one should do well here.  It will have greater lateral movement than any human, and will probably have much better endurance.  Despite Sally's fighting skills, she won't have great success against a similar-sized dog on most occasions.   

Pomeranian vs Sally: A Pomeranian weighs only 7lb.  It has a fluffy body and a small muzzle.  Even though a Pomeranian makes an excellent watchdog, it won't have a good chance at all against a human weighing over 12 times as much as it does.

Chihuahua vs Sally: A Chihuahua can weigh 6lb.  It has a small muzzle & large ears.  As with the Pomeranian, it's just too small to compete with a human weighing so much more than it does.  Sally "beating up" a large Chihuahua as she claimed is no great feat.  

Doberman vs Sally: A Doberman can weigh 90lb.  It is a muscular, squarely-built dog that has been used as a police dog & guard dog (and even in the military).  It is alert & fearless, and a trained one is a formidable foe.  A confrontation with one will not go well for Sally.  The action of "flipping over" a charging dog is not going to be easy at all for someone not trained to specifically do that to a dog.  The large bite & aggression of an attacking Doberman will be overwhelming for any human in its weight range.  A trained Doberman will have little trouble here.

Best regards.  

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