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hi again bk.i've always liked the man vs primate match up.i recently saw a documentary on andre the giant so this question sparked my interest.i'm sure you have heard of andre the giant 7ft tall 500lb and having freak strength for a do you think a man this size with his huge mass, hands like dinner plates, freak strength, would be maybe a good fight for a silverback gorilla?and the reason this i ask this question is i would imagine a man this size would look a a lot bigger if they was next to each other.i'm sure you see my point?thanks agian bk:)

Hello again Chris.

André the Giant vs silverback gorilla: André the Giant (born André René Roussimoff) was indeed a gigantic man.  Towering 7'4" and weighing over 500lb, he was taller and heavier than a silverback gorilla.  Silverback gorillas (named so for the silvery hair that appears on the backs of males around age 12) stand close to 6' tall when standing and weigh as much as 460lbs.  André the Giant needed to be strong, athletic, & skilled to some degree to perform the feats associated with professional wrestling, but he was not as mobile or quick (in relation to his own size) as a typical athlete with a smaller stature.  Although he developed serious health problems during the end of his career that sapped many of his physical abilities, he was likely very capable in his prime due to his massive size and great strength.  As strong as André the Giant was, he was not as strong as a silverback gorilla.  Gorillas are many times stronger than the strongest of humans, and have much longer arms in proportion to their bodies (a human's arm span typically matches height; a gorilla's arm span is over 40% more than height).  André the Giant would certainly appear to vertically dwarf a silverback gorilla if he stood next to one, but their weights would be reasonably close, and the ape would have too many physical advantages (greater strength, greater agility, greater lateral quickness, much stronger bite).  Gorillas can move easily through trees and rapidly along the ground when they need to.  I remember as a kid seeing a huge gorilla in a zoo.  He was in an enclosure with glass in the front, and had a large tire with him (presumedly to play with).  This gorilla was apparently angry, and was aggressively slinging the tire and slamming against the walls with great ease & power.  I was sure he was going to bust his way out (but he did not, of course).  It left a long-lasting impression on me in regards to the physical power of this primate.  André the Giant would have trouble mounting an offense against a gorilla determined to fight back.  The gorilla's arms would control André's movement for the most part, and its powerful bite & sharp teeth could cause serious wounds.  As impressive as André the Giant appears to be standing next to a silverback gorilla, he will be outmatched by one.  No human on the planet (past or present) will be favored against a silverback gorilla.

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