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A few more fights.

1--Game-bred pit vs. cougar at parity
2--Game-bred Ovcharka vs. cougar at parity
3--Sun bear vs. cougar at parity
4--Travis vs. panda at normal weights
5--Olive baboon vs. snow leopard at parity
6--Fighting bull vs. Cape buffalo at exact parity
7--Game-bred Ovcharka vs. fighting bull at parity


No problem Martin,

1. Well if this was realistic you'd have a bigger than average pit versus a small cougar. In that case the dog can win. The cougar would not be at optimum size either physically or mentally. It would not really want anything to do with this dog. With its weapons it can definitely still win but a game pit has a good chance. Pet pit still gets killed.

2. Now we're back playing the cougar's game. To be at parity the Ovcharka would have to be small or the cougar big, both which play into the cat's favour. Ovcharkas look great and are more than capable, but a dominant male cougar is killing it quick.

3. Probably the cougar, but mostly just because we know more about them. The sun bear has all the tools on paper, we just aren't fully knowledgeable about how they fair in interspecies conflict. Cougars are also full time killers, which never hurts.

4. Interesting one. The panda is obviously in far better condition and has the tools to win. Not sure how it would go in reality though. Can't see either doing too much damage to the other too quick. The calmer panda may have the advantage.

5. I always like cats vs baboons, even at parity. The relatively thinner skin is horrible up against all those claws. Plus the mentality of a killer vs a sometimes-killer.

6. At parity I go with the bull. It should be far too quick and perfectly designed for utilising that speed to its maximum efficiency.

7. As with all scaling fights, purely a guess- bull still well designed.

Hope that helps Martin

Interspecies Conflict

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