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Hi, Jim,

Welcome back! How are you doing? I sincerely hope everything is ok with you!

Just three new questions:

1) Anoa vs Asian Black Bear (males, same wejght)

2) Tamaraw vs American  Black Bear (males, same weight)

3) Forest Buffalo vs Grizzly (males, same weight)

Thanks a lot

Hey Antonio. Everything is great! How are you going?

1) In any normal circumstances an Asian Black Bear will struggle big time with an equally weighted Anoa. It's just not their game. In a fight to the death, well that makes a difference. The bear has the weapons to kill an animal like an anoa and like on the line, it certainly can. The anoa would probably find it hard to kill the bear though. So I guess we'd have to favour the bear...

2) Similar to the above but the tamaraw is a step up. It's a more heavily built and aggressive animal and it would get the better of the bear more time than the anoa.

3) And this one we would put somewhere in between. Physically probably more capable than the anoa and probably more aggressive too.

Hope that helps mate.

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I can answer most questions relating to real or hypothetical situations. I have a better understanding of animal behavior and specifically predatory behavior and interspecies predatory relationships. Mammals is my field of expertise but I can do my best in answering questions regarding other animals. Small mammals are my favourite matchups. One or two prehistoric match-ups is OK, but please do not focus on them as they are outside my expertise.


Even before completing my degree I considered myself an expert in mammal behavior. Doing my degree only furthered my interest and knowledge in the subject. After uni I got the opportunity to spend 6 months in South Africa and Kenya where I spent nearly every day basically observing and studying the animals of the savanna.

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