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hey there seem to really know your stuff on dogs so i'll ask you this there any game breed fighting dog in the world that could beat a large gray wolf?i'm picking the wolf interesting to hear your thoughts on this one?thanks for your time jim:)

Hey Christian,

Put it this way; if you have a prime male gray wolf in good condition (not hungry, injured etc), I don't believe there's any domestic dog that could beat it 1v1 in a head-to-head fight. It's not solely a matter of skill and ability though. The very best dog fighters tend to be in the 15-40kg range, where as a fully grown wolf, if we're talking the peak of the species, is easily going to top 50kg. With its physical attributes I think even 10kg is too much of an advantage for the wolf against even the best dog fighter. Then you've got the monster breeds such as Caucasian Ovcharkas and Tibetan Mastiffs, which I think simply don't have what it takes to take on any big predator in a fair fight.

You do have some real unknowns, such as Kangals and Bully Kuttas, which have immense size but also seem to fair well against the traditional fighting dogs (albeit with enormous weight advantages). As I wouldn't subject myself to actually viewing these fights, I couldn't tell you exactly how these dogs fight, what their advantages are etc. Potentially, a dog that is 60+ kilograms and designed and bred to fight, could likely handle a large gray wolf. But from what I know right now, wolves are ahead.

Hope that helps mate.

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