Interspecies Conflict/brock lesnar


130kg brock lesnar vs 35kg euroasian lynx
5 x 130kg brock lesnar vs 150kg jaguár
150kg jaguár vs 3 x 40kg pitbulls

Hi David

130 kg Brock lesnar vs 35 kg Eurasian Lynx - I still think Lesnar wins. If he can get a hold of the cat it is small enough that he can kill it. He'll obviously have to be willing to take some pretty nasty scratches and bites in order to do this. If he can't mentally achieve this, he will likely die of blood loss at some point.

5 x 130 kg Brock Lesnars vs 150 kg Jaguar - I don't like the chances of any 5 men really. It sounds like a lot, but how are they going to kill the jaguar, especially a monster like this? Say al five manage to jump on the jaguar at the same time (highly unlikely), what are the chances at least one doesn't get too close to the mouth and cop a rehabilitating bite? I dunno, I think practically speaking it's a huge ask.

150 kg Jaguar vs 3 x 40 kg Pitbulls - As above. They can do more damage quicker than Lesnar, but not enough. One dog will be killed very quickly then it's just a matter of time.

Cheers David

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