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hi there bk how are you?i've noticed a lot of people on this site use brock lesnar as the fighter of our species and a very good one i would say,a mixture of strength, size, agression, fitness, agilty here are my questions.2 brock lesnars vs large 70kg male leopard.brock lesnar vs 12ft green anaconda.10 brock lesnars vs 700lb grizzly bear.7 brock lesnars vs large silverback gorilla.brock lesnar vs game bred fighting pitbull.and lastly bk i'm going to give you a list of animals and i'd like to know which in your opinion is the most formidable from top to bottom.1000lb kodiak bear.1000lb polar bear.20ft saltwater crocodile.30ft green anaconda.70kg male leopard.90kg male jaguar.thanks again bk i appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions:)

Hello Chris.

2 Bock Lesnars vs male leopard (70kg): Brock Lesnar, in peak condition, weighs about 120kg.  He does indeed have a unique combination of size, strength, athleticism, etc., and is an experienced fighter.  As impressive as he is, his attributes don't quite stack up to the attributes of a male leopard.  Leopards exceed humans in strength, agility, quickness, and weaponry.  Leopards routinely dispatch animals much larger (and more formidable) than Brock Lesnar.  2 Brock Lesnars will have the ability to form a strategy against a single leopard, but the fierce resistance of the cat will cause serious injuries to the men.  It isn't beyond the realm of possibility the Brocks can restrain the leopard, but they will be limited (without weapons) in their attempts to subdue it completely.  The leopard will be able to dish out more damage than it receives, and the Brocks will likely back off.  Anything can happen, and the 2 Brock Lesnars can pull this off, but I just don't think they will on most occasions.  Edge to male leopard.

Brock Lesnar vs 12ft green anaconda: Anacondas are very strong reptiles (packed with muscle) with the ability to constrict animals heavier than themselves.  It's not easy to calculate the weight of a constrictor at a particular length (2 equal-length anacondas can differ greatly in weight), but a 12ft one will weigh much less than Brock Lesnar.  Lesnar will have a chance to succeed on land (where the anaconda will be limited in mobility & stamina) if he knows to target the vulnerable skull, but will have trouble in water.  I'd actually give Brock the edge on land (assuming he executes the right game plan), but the anaconda will be favored in water.

10 Brock Lesnars vs grizzly bear (700lb): Each Brock Lesnar will weigh 3/8 the weight of the bear.  Grizzly bears are aggressive, combative, and well-armed (powerful jaws and 4" claws).  They also have tremendous strength (that far exceeds any human pound-for-pound), good durability, and great endurance.  There won't be enough room for all 10 Brock Lesnars to put hands on the bear at the same time, and the bear will quickly disable the ones closest to it.  It seems remotely plausible that all 10 Brocks might have the ability to restrain this bear, but I can't imagine any scenario where this actually plays out.  If the bear is determined to fight, it will be like a bowling ball knocking over 10 pins.  Imagine 10 regular humans weighing 100lbs each trying to subdue Brock Lesnar.....I think they'd have great difficulty.  For the same reasons I'd favor the grizzly bear here.

7 Brock Lesnars vs silverback gorilla: Male gorillas, after approaching age 12, get a saddle of silvery fur along their back.  They are usually the leaders of the troop, and will defend it with great aggression.  A large gorilla can weigh 208kg, which is almost 3/4 heavier than Brock Lesnar.  A gorilla is much stronger pound-for-pound than any human, and has long arms that can span over 2 1/2 meters wide.  It also has long canines and a very high bite force.  The 7 Brock Lesnars might have a chance to restrain the gorilla, but I don't see them defeating it before it repels all of them.  The gorilla will be grabbing, pulling, flailing, & biting, and many injuries will likely occur in a short amount of time to the humans.  This may not be the best analogy, but imagine 7 regular humans weighing 153lb each trying to subdue Brock Lesnar.  Won't be easy.  Without weapons, the Brock Lesnars won't have any reasonable means to dispatch the gorilla, and any control they gain will likely be temporary.  I may be underestimating the humans here, but even with strategy and mental discipline, I don't think the Brock Lesnars will succeed.  I'm not ruling it out, though.  Edge to silverback gorilla.

Brock Lesnar vs game-bred fighting pit bull: The best fighting weight for a game-bred American Pit Bull Terrier is about 30kg.  Brock Lesnar will weigh 4 times as much as the dog.  APBTs are strong, athletic, & relentless in combat.  They also have great endurance, and can battle through injuries.  The APBT will immediately rush in and latch on with its jaws (usually aims for the face/head area, but will grab what is offered).  Brock will need to exercise a high level of mental discipline to effectively fight back once the jaws of the dog seize him, but I think he can succeed at doing so.  With his strength and skill, Brock Lesnar should have the means at his disposal to mount a decent counter-attack before his own injuries become too great.  A game-bred American Pit Bull Terrier can certainly injure a human, but it doesn't have the killing/finishing ability of a typical wild animal, and many encounters an adult human has with a dangerous one are certainly survivable.  I believe Brock will be OK here more times than not.  Edge to Brock Lesnar.

Animal list (most formidable in order)

1. 20ft saltwater crocodile (in water)
2. 1000lb Kodiak bear
3. 1000lb polar bear
4. 30ft green anaconda (in water)
5. 20ft saltwater crocodile (on land)
6. 30ft green anaconda (on land)
7. 90kg jaguar
8. 70kg leopard

The saltwater crocodile will be at home in the water, and will be too powerful for any of the other animals to deal with (it will weigh over a ton).  Kodiak bears edge out polar bears mainly due to aggression, but these 2 are close.  The 30ft green anaconda will weigh less than the bears (lot of weight variation with constrictors), and will only have a chance to subdue them in deeper water.  The saltwater crocodile on land won't have great mobility/stamina, but will be able to repel the bears unless they are determined to attack.  The bears' great endurance will aid them in such a conflict.  2-5 is quite close.  The 30ft anaconda on land will have poor mobility/stamina, and won't be favored against the bears or the crocodile.  The jaguar is a reptile-killing specialist, and can kill the 30ft anaconda on land with a skull bite, but the cat will have trouble dealing with a powerful constrictor weighing over 3 or 4 times as much as it does.  6 & 7 are very close, and it partially depends on the weight of the snake.  The leopard won't be strong enough to tackle an anaconda on land weighing several times as much as it does, but it won't be without hope.  A leopard won't fare well against a jaguar weighing almost 30% more than it does, either.   

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