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Thanks for your previous answer Jim. You said tigers and lions are a level above other cats even at parity. How about cloudedleopards? I know they are small, but if they were a bigger pantherinre, how would've they matched up against leopards, cougars and jaguars at parity? Their characteristics and aggression maybe unknown, but as much as I know, they're pound for pound the strongest living felid (arguably with the jaguar) and has the strongest jaws for their size. Clear me up that up kindly.

Another question; if serval and cheetah were same size who would've won in a fight?

I got some more fights:
Chacma baboon vs drill
Chimp vs mandrill
Mandrill vs wolverine
Mandrill vs Sunda clouded leopard
Culpeo vs jaguarundi(9kg)
Ocelot (18 kg) vs maned wolf
Snow leopard vs gray wolf
Bobcat (19 kg) vs red wolf
Caracal (20 kg) vs cape hunting dog
24 kg APBT vs 72 kg cheetah
16 kg serval vs 15 kg golden jackal
Asian elephant vs woolly mammoth
Cave bear vs brown bear
Giant cheetah vs American cheetah

That's all for now I guess..

Hi Khan, not a problem.

Clouded leopards are the real wildcard, simply because of how much they would have to be scaled up, even to take on the smaller big cats such as Snow leopards and Cheetahs. As far as I know, CLs have significantly higher bite forces than any cat around their size. I believe the Wroe bite force study had them comparable to jaguars, tigers, wolves and African Wild Dogs, from memory. Possibly a little behind those animals. As for overall body strength, well I'm uncertain there. Looking at the cats as a whole, it's certainly not hard to believe they'd be up there as the strongest. Their limbs are very robust, yet still highly flexible. This is an excellent combination for grappling. I think overall they'd be very close to jaguars, tigers and lions.

Serval vs Cheetah- It would be pretty even but without the ability to actually see a scaled-up serval, I can't imagine it would be quite enough to beat the cheetah.

Chacma Baboon vs Drill - At normal weights it's very simple, the drill wins. At parity it's still relatively easy. The drill is not just a bigger version of a baboon, it is a more heavily and powerfully built version. So even a small drill versus a large Chacma would find the baboon lacking in all departments.

Chimp vs Mandrill - Size would be the determining factor. The smaller chimps are around the same size as the larger mandrills. The mandrill has the better weaponry but it will be outgunned by the larger chimp.

Mandrill vs Wolverine - I think the mandrill will have too much size and strength this time. The wolverine is always going to be hard to stop, but the mandrill's strength and ability to use its hands will be huge advantages. If able to control the wolverine it can finish it with damaging bites.

Mandrill vs Sundra Clouded Leopard - And again, the mandrill's size will be too much for the clouded leopard, assuming average sized individuals (and males). At parity the CL should win, but there's a 25kg+ difference here.

Culpeo vs Jaguarundi - A controversial one maybe, but I think the Culpeo easily wins this. It is on average at least 3kg larger than the jaguarundi and still at least 2kg in your scenario, which at this size is significant. Culpeos may look like foxes but in reality they are way above that level. They are more powerfully built and capable of killing animals bigger than themselves. The jaguarundi will be faster and more agile and of course has claws, but I can't see it being able to handle the bigger and very capable Culpeo.

Ocelot vs Maned Wolf - The maned wolf still wins if in it's larger weight range; it's not completely useless that it can't take advantage of 15kg. But if the maned wolf is say under 30kg, this is very interesting. The ocelot is clearly the superior animal in terms of a fight, I don't think even the most head-strong canine fans would dispute that. It is superior in every area except possibly bite force and even then, you'd argue it has the more dangerous bite anyway. Even 12kg might be too much, but I'm leaning towards the ocelot.

Snow leopard vs Gray Wolf - At parity this is a great fight. The snow leopard has all the advantages of the feline family, yet for whatever reason its whole doesn't amount to as dangerous a foe as the majority of its family. The wolf on the other hand, is the undisputed king of the canines. It has an awesome bite and seems to fare well in most inter-specific engagements. So on paper you've got a pretty even fight. I think the wolf would likely be tough enough and aggressive enough to force the snow leopard to retreat. But if fighting to the death I think the snow leopard might have the slight edge, as an animal capable of bringing down large animals single-handedly.

Bobcat vs Red Wolf - I think I'd go with the red wolf here. It'll probably be 7 or 8kg bigger than the bobcat and is certainly no pushover. It's  fairly well built, certainly compared to a coyote, and has an excellent bite. The hyper aggressive and athletic bobcat could surprise, but I'll stick with the wolf.

Caracal vs Cape Hunting Dog - I think even a caracal that big would be found wanting against a fully grown hunting dog. You're looking at probably 10kg difference, and the hunting dog is a very hardy animal with a huge bite. Again, the smaller cat winning wouldn't blow my mind or anything, but I'm favouring the dog.

Pitbull vs Cheetah - This is a huge weight difference and I would imagine too much for the dog to overcome. It'll still be all over the cheetah and causing damage every second it is, but a cheetah this size has the strength to grab and hold that dog and land a killing bite.

Serval vs Golden Jackal - The serval needs more weight in my opinion. It's just not up to facing a jackal at parity.

Asian Elephant vs Woolly Mammoth - Well I don't really know much about Mammoths but I'm pretty sure these two species are about the same size? If so, I think it would depend on the individuals. There's no definitive advantage I can see that would tip this obviously in the favour of one or the other.

Cave bear vs Brown bear - I guess we assume parity here? Cave bears may have been more robust and as a result powerful, but I think the difference would be negligible. 50/50 in my view.

Giant Cheetah vs American Cheetah - As illustrated by its name, I think the Giant cheetah would simply be too large for the similarly designed American Cheetah. If Wikipedia is to be believed (there is no reference provided for the Giant cheetah's weight), then we're looking at a 50kg difference, which is obviously far too great.

Hope that helps Khan. I look forward to your next set of questions.  

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