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Hi Jim,

Can I get any proofs of rhino vs crocodile
Or any links or video?

Nile croc vs Spanish bull
Tiger vs Spanish bull
Rottweiler vs hyena
King cobra vs mamba
King cobra vs largest centipede
Are elephants scared of crocodile? any proof of elephants killing crocodile

Hi Sid,

I'm sure if you use google you will be able to find whatever articles or videos are available

Nile Croc vs Spanish Bull- Pretty simple; if the bull is in the water the croc will kill it, on land the croc has little hope.

Tiger vs Spanish Bull- In a face to face fight I give the tiger little hope. The bull will simply not give it a chance to mount any sort of attack.

Rottweiler vs Hyena - The very best Rottweiler would give a good fight to a Striped or Brown Hyena, but against a Spotted Hyena it'll be outgunned. So using the smaller species, I think a good Rottie probably dominates a wrestle but likely gets caught by the powerful bite of the durable hyena eventually.

King Cobra vs Mamba - I'm unsure whether one or the other or both would be killed by the other's venom. I would guess both would be. The mamba likely strikes first but the larger cobra would be able to overpower and kill it before the venom sets in. Two dead snakes at the end though.

King Cobra vs Largest Centipede - The largest centipede is the 30cm long Peruvian Giant Centipede. Wouldn't stand a chance against the cobra.

I don't think adult elephants are really scared of anything except perhaps machinery (trucks, guns etc). Again, google is your friend.

Cheers Sid.  

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