Interspecies Conflict/Deadly Fights


Hi Jim,

Alligator vs Burmese python

Rock python/ burmese vs nile croc

anaconda vs nile croc

If spotted hyenas shifted to south america how will they fair against


Lion vs 10 dholes

Hey Siddharth

Alligator vs Burmese Python - The alligator should probably win, with two prime specimens. A real solid, compact animal that will be hard for the python to kill, and obviously some extremely dangerous weaponry.

Rock/Burmese Python vs Nile Croc - As above.

Anaconda vs Nile Croc - As above. Basically, you need a really massive python and a smaller croc for the snake to win. A prime croc or gator is too much.

Spotted hyenas are plains animals so they would only really survive in the Pampas region of Uruguay and Argentina. They would probably do well as there is no competition for prey and the deer there would really be at their mercy. There are no anacondas, alligators, caimans or jaguars in these areas, and very few cougars. But to answer your question; if hyenas could survive in the habitats that the mentioned animals are found, they would really struggle. In an actual fight they would dominate all the other animals obviously (except for the reptiles in water), as they are in a group; but actually competing with them, they would be severely lacking. Too much vegetation, too much water, they would have no hope competing with animals that are far better designed for these environments.

Lion vs 10 Dholes - No where near enough. Ten dead dholes.

Cheers Siddharth.

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