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Khan wrote at 2014-09-22 16:00:18
I totally disagree. Dinosaurs dominated the world at the toughest times of the world for reasons. Predatory Dinos like raptor were capable of killing animals much larger and deadlier than themselves.. A smilodon populator was an impresive predator of their time but Utahraptors weaponry would be too much for them. The raptor beaing larger has enough advantage for the win. Even if the smilodon manages to kill it (which I highly doubt), it'll simply get bleed to death by the claw attacks by the raptor. Utahraptors have killed Dinosaurs like Iguanodons!

And, 4 Deinonychus was enough to kill a Dinosaur as large as Saurposeidon, a Smildon has no chance against a pack of these. they might lose 1 or 2 members in the process. but they'll surely get the job done..

Interspecies Conflict

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Questions regarding animal conflicts within realistic or unrealistic settings are welcome; my strength lies in medium-to-large species. Small animals (including birds of prey), prehistoric animals, sea creatures, and domestic dog breeds are usually within my scope, but to a lesser degree. I can't confidently answer hypothetical questions about human vs animal, arachnids, insects, or amphibians, but I am willing to field them nonetheless.


From a young age, I have been interested in animals. Starting with the original Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and World Book Encyclopedias, I have seen many animal shows and documentaries and have read multiple books on the subject. I have a solid understanding of the physiology of many animals and interspecies conflict in general.

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