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Hi Jim, thanks for not being upset by the Sally question. I really didn't know that they disgusted you.

Some more.

1: Fighting bull vs. black rhino at parity
2: What would be the best animal against a fighting bull at parity, either in reality or at hypothetical scaling?
3: Three Travises vs. fighting bull
4: Three prime chimps vs. fighting bull (I would give the prime chimps a small chance)
5: Honey badger vs. Travis at parity
6: Giant forest hog rutting boar vs. Utahraptor at parity
7: Cape buffalo vs. GFH at parity (I would lean toward the hog)
8: Hippo vs. tiger at parity
9: Giraffe vs. GFH at normal weights
10: Peccary vs. honey badger at exact parity (I imagine the ratel would dominate, but not do a lot of real damage)


Hey Martin,

1: Rhino should win. It's the more powerful animal, has just as dangerous weaponry and far better armour.

2: Well rhinos would be one haha. Scaling- elephants as well of course. Reality - Smaller rhinos possibly; American bison, Cape Buffalo and Gaur all god match ups; I'd always give the big bears some hope...

3: Three dead apes.

4: I give them absolutely no chance.

5: Dead Travis again at parity. The badger has far too many tools at its disposal.

6: Hard to say without knowing the Utahraptor's behavioural habits. It's got great weaponry sure, but how effective were they against large animals? A GFH is very tough to kill, and I get the feeling the Utahraptor wouldn't be up to it. I could be completely off the mark though.

7: I'd probably go the other way. It would be close and I agree the GFH could win, but I think the buffalo has the better athleticism and more effective weaponry.

8: At parity I like the tiger. Too nimble and the far more effective killer.

9: Giraffes are always difficult. They have the size and strength to do a lot of damage though, and the size difference here is immense. If it fights it probably wins.

10: Yeah I agree with that analysis. It has the grappling and defence to dominate and never really be in danger of being killed, but it might struggle to finish the peccary. That being said, they have good bites and I would back the ratel to eventually get it done.

Cheers Martin.

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I can answer most questions relating to real or hypothetical situations. I have a better understanding of animal behavior and specifically predatory behavior and interspecies predatory relationships. Mammals is my field of expertise but I can do my best in answering questions regarding other animals. Small mammals are my favourite matchups. One or two prehistoric match-ups is OK, but please do not focus on them as they are outside my expertise.


Even before completing my degree I considered myself an expert in mammal behavior. Doing my degree only furthered my interest and knowledge in the subject. After uni I got the opportunity to spend 6 months in South Africa and Kenya where I spent nearly every day basically observing and studying the animals of the savanna.

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