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Thanks a thousand times!

1: Tasmanian devil vs. peccary at parity
2: Brock Lesnar vs. two Tasmanian devils
3: Brock L. vs. Tasmanian devil at parity
4: Rutting elk vs. GFH at parity
5: Giraffe vs. two rutting elks
6: Wolverine vs. Travis at parity. I know you would favor the wolverine but doesn't Travis have the advantage of intelligence and 4 super-strong hands?
7: Culpeo vs. wolverine or ratel at parity
8: Wolf vs. AWD at parity
9: Game-bred, elite Kangal vs. cougar at parity
10: Two clouded leopards vs. chimp


Hey Martin, not a problem.

1: I think the Tassie Devil should be favoured. They're strong little suckers and their bites are deadly.

2: Lesnar easily.

3: Tassie Devil easily!

4: Hog comfortably. Just has more weapons overall.

5: Again, hard with the giraffe. It has the potential to win fairly easily here, considering the size difference. Hard to see the elk doing huge damage so have to stick with the giraffe.

6: At parity it wouldn't matter. He's so outmatched that his weapons won't come into play. Plus, part of the reason people use Travis is because he was so out-of-his-mind, so intelligence isn't a big factor with him.

7: I think both mustelids should have this fight. They're just more durable and overall more dangerous animals in a parity fight.

8: Wolf easily.

9: Cougar. The Kangal's main advantage is in their size and athleticism. Against an animal as big (and much stronger) and more athletic it will fall short. I think you need a real wrestling, grappling type dog to stand a chance against a cougar.

10: Tough one. The chimp should probably win against two normal CLs. Once they start getting into the 20kg range, real big and confident males, the tables may start to turn. How good they would be at killing larger ape-like animals though? Who knows.

Good questions Martin.

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