Interspecies Conflict/human


130kg brock lesnar (no weapons)
1) 100kg american black bear
2) 60kg rotwailer
3) 2 x 14kg wildcat

Hi David.

1) It would be interesting to see really, but I don't think even Lesnar is beating a bear at the 100 kg mark. It'll be smaller sure, but stronger and with far better weapons. A de-clawed and toothless bear would provide a good wrestling opponent for Lesnar, but otherwise it's no good for him.

2) Very tough again. I'd give Lesnar a good chance of winning, simply because he's a world class athlete and he should have the speed, accuracy and then strength to get hold of the dog and control it. A big Rottweiler could do huge damage to a human in a short space of time though.

3) Lesnar would win but he'd be covered in scratches! The wildcats don't have the ability to kill him, so it would just be a case of how long do they survive.

Cheers David.

Interspecies Conflict

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