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Hello Jim

are you familiar with Lassie she is a Collie
if lassie were to fight what could she beat. I she and that kid were lost in the woodland what animals could she defend him from

Lassie vs raccoon

Lassie vs African wild dog

Lassie vs Hymadryas baboon

Lassie vs Coati

Lassie vs Elite martial artist girl

the raccoon will be rabid and so will the coati since there's no real reason to attack the kid  the African wild dog and hymadryas baboon are from a zoo are escapees that are in sanely aggressive

Lassie fights until she kills them

Also why don't you anawer any question we ask you  please eexplain and please answer this one and IF YOU CANNOT please say why you've answered all kinds of weird questions what is wrong with ours Please answer Do not delete it I'm begging to know why you won't answer if it is the questions than tell us what not to ask and why....... the reason we use child martial artist is because sometimes kids abuse animals there was a news article about several bullies who caught a dog in a empty lot held him down and beat him half to death  my blood bolied something awful

me and my brother went through bullying a lot in elementary and junior high and we HATED IT! we always had to run at recess or inth hallway  WE'RE RAW JIM RAW! about kids hurting other people and  dogs who did NOTHING to anyone so  we want to know if dumb yet tough kids can beat animals or get what they deserve  the bullies did say they could beat dogs in a fight like they beat up poor kids so could Lassie show them what for or get beaten to death? sorry to aggravate you sir but I get ticked off when we think of this stuff sorry.

Hi Marcus,

First of all let me just say once and for all, I won't be answering any questions about a young girl fighting animals. I am extremely sorry you were bullied at high school; it is something no one should ever have to go through and I wish you hadn't. But I don't want to imagine any child fighting a wild animal or dog. I just don't.

On to the Collie fights:

Lassie vs Raccoon - To the death, Lassie should win. It's a lot big and most domestic dogs should be able to take advantage of this size advantage. It will have injuries though.

Lassie vs African Wild Dog - Bad for Lassie here, the AWD would tear her apart.

Lassie vs Hamadryas Baboon - And again, Lassie has no chance.

Lassie vs Coati - Almost exactly the same as the raccoon.

Cheers Marcus

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