Interspecies Conflict/litle animals


14kg wild cat vs 20kg serval
14kg koala "bear" vs 10kg mops
14kg koala "bear" vs 6kg domestic cat
10kg mops vs 7kg domestic cat
35kg euroasian lynx vs 52kg cheetah

Hi David

14 kg Wild Cat vs 20 kg Serval - Serval easily. They're weaker cats, but 6 kg is huge.

14 kg Koala (never bear!) vs 10 kg Mops - Not sure what a mops is?

14 kg Koala vs 6 kg Domestic Cat - An adult koala has nothing to worry about with cats. They aren't well designed for fighting but they are significantly bigger and do have good limb strength and claws, so they aren't useless if the cat still tries to engage.

35 kg Eurasian Lynx vs 52 kg Cheetah - Similar to the serval fight really. 17 kg to a morphologically pretty similar animal is probably too much.

Cheers David.

Interspecies Conflict

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