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Hi Jim

I hope you are well  you'll have to forgive my brother Marcus he has a bad habit of poking his nose where it doesn't belong so if he asked you any question that made you angry I'm sorry you see he really hates animal abuse and so when the the dog abuse case appeared he was Angry! so he made his statements out of anger so he didn't mean to anger you sir but see the other thing is he had that happen to him as well back in grade 4  he was chased and trapped by bullies about 4 and they cornered him and held him and beat him then they poured ink and glue all over him and left him there and so when that new group of bullies beat that dog half to death he was really  hit harder than most by that so don't be offended Jim  it kind of my fault as well because we' had many debates before and seldomly got out of hand but when it did I should have put my foot down but I didn't so please try not to take it personally I have found you to be an execellent expert so please excuse my brother I must sit and reason with him so sorry Now the other reason I here is because I was searching for a tv show and came upon and came upon the end of a show and a Large caracal drives another away and so I wondered could a atypically large caracal beat a lynx in a fight

Hi Alex,

There's no problem. I sympathise with your brother but here is not the arena for dealing with bullying issues. I'll gladly answer any other questions he has.

As for this one, yes it definitely could. I assume you're talking about a Eurasian Lynx, because the other lynx species are all around the same size as a caracal, if not smaller, and I would likely favour a caracal at parity against all but the bobcat. It would be similar with a Eurasian lynx; if the caracal is around the same size, it's a fairly even fight. They both have fairly similar builds, with lynxes maybe a touch more powerful and caracals more swift and athletic. Certainly not a mismatch as far as smaller felids go.

Hope that helps.

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