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Welcome back Jim,and here are some match ups.

Giraffe vs Nile Crocodile

Water Buffalo vs Polar Bear

Jaguar vs Black Bear

Box Jellyfish vs Giant pacific Octopus

Great White Shark vs Colossal Squid

Gorilla vs Green Anaconda

Komodo Dragon vs King Cobra

Wildebeest vs Kudu

Yak vs Moose


Thanks Trish!

Giraffe vs Nile Crocodile - It's really a non-fight. There's not much the croc can do to kill the giraffe but by the same token, the giraffe doesn't really want to stick around to find out. If I had to pick a winner it would be the giraffe.

Water Buffalo vs Polar Bear - I favour all big bovids against bears, especially with weight advantages. I just feel it's a bad match up for a bear. These buffalo have all the power and bulk of bears, plus more, with decent mobility and weaponry on top. It's not out of the question, but a big male water buffalo should at least be able to defend any attacks the polar bear throws at it.

Jaguar vs Black Bear - All depends on sizes. At parity or close to I like the jaguar a lot here. It is a supreme killer and extremely powerful, so it won't be out of its league in any wrestling exchanges. But the bigger the bear got the less likely the jag can win.

Box Jellyfish vs Giant Pacific Octopus - Well I'm quite sure the octopus will die if stung, but ignoring that it will almost certainly kill the jellyfish here.

Great White Shark vs Colossal Squid - It has to be an enormous squid to stand a chance. Their bodies are to a shark's mouth what jelly is to ours! It has to be huge and it has to grab hold of and kill the shark very quickly or it has no chance.

Gorilla vs Green Anaconda - A very large anaconda has some chance but I don't really like the fight for it. Gorilla's have so much strength and hands and teeth. It can hit, grab, bite and tear and eventually all these things will add up. Likely far before it is constricted.

Komodo Dragon - As far as poison goes, I'm not really sure. I would imagine the snake would strike quickest and its poison would kill the Komodo. But as for an actual fight, obviously the Komodo.

Wildebeest vs Kudu - At close to parity I like the Kudu. Just an overall more impressive specimen in my view.

Yak vs Moose - In a close fight I'd probably go with the Yak. It's the more powerfully built animal and their head-on charges at each other can be frightening. The moose is more of an antler-wrestle type fighter, so I think the Yak's charges might add up. Could really go either way though, weights depending as well of course.

Hope that helps Trish

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