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Hi again Jim here are some questions I would like to get your answers on. here goes

1.Could a Wolverine drive away an Elephant,Rhino,Hippo,or Giraffe using its aggression and ferocity?

2.Could a Leopard kill a Grizzly Bear through ambush?

3.Could a Black Caimon bring down a Cape Buffalo in the water?

4.Could a solo Spotted Hyena kill a Gorilla?

5.Could a Jaguar bring down a Moose,Yak,Cape Buffalo,Giant Eland,or American Bison

6.Could a White Rhino kill an adult African Elephant?


Hi Kimberley

1. Maybe the giraffe, but simply because it has nothing to gain. The others might just walk away from the wolverine due to its smell plus the pointlessness of the whole thing, but it won't be because they are frightened. The likelier scenario is they all try and kill the wolverine.

2. It's possible, yes. Bears have thick fur and thick necks, but the canines of a leopard could puncture the right spot and kill the bear. Highly, highly unlikely though.

3. A big one probably could. Caimans are immensely strong animals and if a buffalo is in its element (the water), it's probably at the mercy of a big caiman.

4. It could, through blood loss or one very well placed bite. Almost certainly wouldn't though.

5. The yak would be the most likely, it's a way off the others here. Still not hugely likely though. The moose could possibly be killed by the jaguar, but a healthy adult male should really be safe. The other three are probably too big and dangerous though.

6. It could, because their horns and the power behind them could really put a hole in anything. But a face-to-face fight would see the elephant being far too big, well armed and intelligent to let the rhino even get close to killing it.

Cheers Kimberley, I enjoyed the different way you approached these questions.

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