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I'm sorry Jim, my email account is messed up. The reason why I'm unable to rate your previous answers to my questions. Neither could I follow up. Is it possible in this site to ask a question using Facebook address? And this Interspecies Conflict or the Allexperts site has any page or group in FB? Or at least you, Jim Wilson have one?

And secondly, what I'm saying may sound a little rude. It's about BK, the other admin. He has grown more popular than even you. I can see why. He's a nice expert, gives every answer with most possible detail. It is great really. But the problem is, he underrates prey animals too much. An example, in question (a year or two ago) someone mentioned a 60 kg leopard vs 180 kg zebra, and he said the leopard's going to win it! I know in rare ocassions large male leopards have taken down fully grown zebras with ambush, but does really a leopard weigh 1/3  a zebra's weight have any match in a face to face battle?! My apologies for bringing this Jim. I've nothing personal against BK. I respect all the experts of this site.

OK, now on topic,,
I've some face-offs here:
Goliath tarantula vs Peruvian giant centipede vs titan beetle vs emperor scorpion vs Norwegian brown rat vs Fer De Lance (I know you don't like these many way fights, but can you answer them by mentioning the results of their one on one battles against each other please?)
Mandrill vs Bonobo (last time you said a Chin is too large, so this time I chose bonobo)
Drill vs clouded leopard / wolverine / APBT (as you said Mandrill's too big for them)
Gelada vs Chacma
Peregrine falcon vs red tailed hawk
Mountain Lion vs cave hyena
Lioness vs giant hyena (Pachycrocuta)
Fenneck fox vs black footed cat
Few years ago, someone asked you to make a list of top 10 fastest land animals. You listed black buck as the third fasted but didn't even mention springbok which are the real third fastest! I've seen many documentaries which states they can reach top speed over 100 km/h, they even beats pronghorns in top speed and are able to out run cheetahs in long chases. Meanwhile black bucks have reduced their speed during last few centuries, since the extinction of Asiatic cheetahs. They are no longer as fast as some African antelopes.

Some more fights:
Irish elk vs giant eland
Moose vs common eland
Kudu vs hartebeest
Nilgai vs wildebeest
Gemsbok vs sable antelope
Springbok vs Thompson's gazelle
Impala vs Grant's gazelle
Saltwater crocodile vs GWS (in a 20 feet deep, 40X60 swimming pool)
Dhole vs Indian wolf
Dingo vs Indian wolf
Red wolf vs Indian wolf
Fishing cat vs African/Asian golden cat
Which is relatively the weakest member of cat family? Serval or cheetah?
And again, which are the weakest member of the dog family for their size? Maned wolves or other?

Thank you..

Hey Khan,

I'm not sure about the site but I don't use Facebook. Sounds weird in this day and age, but I just never got involved in it!

You'll find this is a common viewpoint Khan. A leopard is a killer, a zebra is prey. I personally agree with you, the zebra is far too big and too dangerous an animal to lose to a leopard 1/3 of its size. But I certainly don't begrudge anyone who believes the opposite.

There are so many questions here that I'm afraid I'm only going to name the winner of each. If any of my winners strike you as weird or wrong, let me know either by follow up (if it works) or asking a new question:

Goliath tarantula vs Peruvian giant centipede vs titan beetle vs emperor scorpion vs Norwegian brown rat vs Fer De Lance- Sort of ranked:

Fer De Lance
Norwegian Rat
Emperor Scorpion
Titan Beetle
Goliath Tarantula
Peruvian Giant Centipede - Extremely hard one haha.

Mandrill vs Bonobo - Mandrill

Drill vs clouded leopard / wolverine / APBT - The drill is very similar in size and morphology to the Mandrill, the results remain the same.

Gelada vs Chacma - Chacma

Peregrine falcon vs red tailed hawk - 50/50

Mountain Lion vs Cave Hyena - Cave hyena at normal weights.

Lioness vs Giant hyena - Lioness

Fennec fox vs Black footed cat - Black-footed cat

Top ten fastest animals- You speak like there is undeniable proof! Animals are not like humans, there's no way you can say "Hey springbok, run as fast as you can over this distance while I time you". So we're relying on estimates and small bits of evidence. Even modern day evidence points to Blackbucks being right up there. Not sure how I forgot Springboks though, that was an oversight.

Irish elk vs Giant eland - Eland

Moose vs Common eland - Eland

Kudu vs Hartebeest - Greater kudu > Hartebeest > Lesser kudu

Nilgai vs Wildebeest - Probably Nilgai against both Wildebeest, but a big Blue Wildebeest has a chance.

Gemsbok vs Sable antelope - 50/50

Springbok vs Thompson's gazelle - Springbok

Impala vs Grant's gazelle - 50/50

Saltwater crocodile vs GWS - Very tough. Not sure that's enough room for the shark to really take advantage of. Depends on sizes I'd say. Like the croc more in that setting.

Dhole vs Indian wolf - Dhole, unless way smaller

Dingo vs Indian wolf - 50/50

Red wolf vs Indian wolf - Red wolf

Fishing cat vs African/Asian golden cat - Possibly Asian GC > Fishing cat > African GC

Which is relatively the weakest member of cat family? Serval or cheetah? - Hard because of the huge discrepancy in size, but I'd say the serval.

And again, which are the weakest member of the dog family for their size? Maned wolves or other? - Yeah I would go with the maned wolf. Wild dogs tend to get even more formidable the smaller they get, so the intermediate sized species would be the worst. Maned wolves stand out.

Nice to see an interest in antelope Khan! I'm a big fan.


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