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Hi Jim,

Here are some fights involving Sally, assuming that she truly is a 35kg martial-arts master (by eight year-old) standards. I understand she stands no chance of beating almost any animal at parity so I will try to make these somewhat realistic, even if they probably are not:

1: Sally vs. young striped hyena, 20kg
2: Sally vs. small APBT, i.e. 15kg
3: Sally vs. 12kg ratel
4: Sally vs. 17kg lynx or bobcat
5: Sally vs. Tasmanian devil
6: Sally and two friends of same age that are also karate phenoms vs. Travis

7: I hate to sound like I am arguing with you but I want to know why you give the boar such a poor chance against the black rhino at parity. They have comparably poor eyesight but the boar is more agile, faster, and probably more ferocious. I can see the razor-edged lower fangs of the boar cutting through the rhino's hide, as thick as it is, more easily than the rhino's horn penetrating both the very tough hide of the suid and its cartilaginous armored shield. I see it as almost a 50/50 fight.

8: 150-pound physically fit man who is drunk and high out of his mind on PCP vs. leopard, jaguar, or cougar at parity

9: Boar vs. musth elephant at hypothetical parity



Hey Martin,

I have no idea who Sally is so I'll have to skip these questions.

7. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I'd say the rhino would be thousands of times more likely to penetrate the boar's skin than vice-versa, but if you don't that's completely fine.

8. Dead man, undoubtedly. I suppose I am to assume the man has a pain threshold through the roof and no care for his own safety etc? Doesn't matter when a cat grabs hold of you and kills you.

9. Elephant. Besides being enormous animals, elephants are also terrific combatants because of their intelligence and weaponry. Extremely thick skin helps as well.

Cheers Martin

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