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Hi Jim,

"Sally" referred to the eight year-old martial arts master that that one questioner discussed but since you said you will not answer that question, it's a moot point.

1: Travis vs. game-bred pit at (hypothetical) parity
2: Travis vs. Komodo at normal weights (90 and 70 kg)
3: Two average AWDs vs. Travis
4: Rutting grizzly vs. rutting bull elk at parity
5: Anoa bull vs. rutting elk at parity
6: Rutting elk vs. two dholes
7: What would be the most effective animal against a rhino at parity?
8: Six determined 250kg giant forest hogs vs. hippo on land


Hey Martin,

Ah fair enough. Not sure why everyone is so interested in how an 8 year old girl would fair in a fight?!

1: At parity I'd probably favour the pit. It's extremely durable and Travis is going to struggle to kill anything of comparable size. Decent chance of the single-minded dog attacking the wrong spot and simply being ripped up, but I think generally it wins this.

2: Komodo I think. Just can't see Travis really hurting it. The Komodo's bite is nasty and I think it'll quickly tear Travis up.

3: AWDs are smart and skilled predators and killers. They will run in and deliver terrible bites to something, then back off and wait til it dies. If they go for something like that here they'll win. Travis won't catch them and eventually he'll bleed out.

4: I like the grizzly here. I don't consider elk one of the really elite bovine and I think the grizzly will overwhelm it. Difficult fight for the bear, simply due to the elk's design, but it has the weaponry and aggression to battle through.

5: Anoa. Better designed for one-on-one fighting against other species.

6: The dholes may be able to do what the AWDs do to Travis, but higher probability that they are killed here. The elk is too big and if the dholes engage with it for a split second too long it will take them down.

7: First thought is an elephant. It has the same sort of power, bursts of speed, defence and impressive weaponry. Honestly, I don't think many animals would stand a chance against a rhino at parity.

8: Forest Hogs probably. Six wild suids of that size is pretty scary. If they are working together they should be able to do enough damage to the hippo.

Cheers Martin.

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