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Greetings again Bk,and happy new year.Turns out I do have some spare time on my hands right now and so here is one more conflict.Who would win between a hippo and a elephant seal?

Thank You

Hello Trish.  Happy New Year to you!

Hippopotamus vs Elephant Seal: A Southern elephant seal will weigh at least 1/3 more than a large bull hippo, and a Northern elephant seal will weigh a little bit less.  Hippos are aggressive mammals with wide-opening jaws (almost 4ft wide and at a 150 angle).  Their sharp-edged canines and forward-pointing incisors can cause serious injuries to any adversary.  Elephant seals fight by posturing up (face-to-face) and forcefully thrusting forward with their upper bodies to deliver bites.  These encounters can cause bloody wounds.  On land a hippopotamus will have a big mobility advantage, and will be able to use its weaponry more readily.  In shallow water the seal will fare better, but still will be outmatched by the big bite of the hippo.  Only in water deep enough to keep the hippo from touching bottom easily (about 5ft or so) will the elephant seal be favored (its mobility will then be better and hippos can't really swim).  Overall, the hippopotamus wins.

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