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Interspecies Conflict/Northen Pacific Octopus vs Wildebeest


Hi again BK,who would win between a Giant Pacific Octopus and a Wildebeest? Thanks

Hello Gian.

Northern Pacific Octopus vs Wildebeest: The wildebeest can weigh almost 4 times as much as the octopus.  The North Pacific giant octopus is one of the largest invertebrates in the world.  It is supple, agile, and very intelligent.  The North Pacific giant octopus feeds primarily upon lobsters, crabs, smaller octopuses, shellfish, shrimp, and fish.  It grabs prey items with its arms (sometimes pulling the victim apart) and uses its beak to bite into it.  Wildebeests are sturdy antelopes with ox-like horns approaching 2 1/2ft in length.  They commonly deal with predators like lions, leopards, hyenas, African hunting dogs, & crocodiles.  Wildebeests primarily use their horns to defend themselves, but their hooves can be potentially dangerous as well.  This is a difficult (and unusual) matchup to assess due to one animal being terrestrial and one being aquatic.  The only plausible place for this battle to occur is in shallow water (the octopus will be extremely limited on land; a wildebeest can't provide ample offense in deep water).  The octopus can wrap around a portion of the wildebeest's body, but won't be strong enough to pull it down if the wildebeest has a decent foothold (which it will in shallow water), and won't be able to progress in its offense beyond biting with its beak (which won't seriously injure the antelope).  The wildebeest will be strong enough to pull the clinging octopus out of the water with it on most occasions, but attacking the cephalopod with horns & hooves won't have great effect (due to the soft body of the octopus and the water depth impeding the force of the attack).  Each animal has the means to prevail, but the circumstances leading to victory will be ones that won't typically occur or have a slim chance of occurring.  Realistically, of course, these 2 would not attack each other if they were somehow able to share a habitat that led to a meeting in shallow water.  If they did battle one another (hypothetically), a stalemate would likely be the most common result.  I favor the wildebeest overall because it has the better means to injure the octopus than the other way around as long as the water isn't too deep.

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