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Hey BK, it's been a long time since I asked a "made-up" species question, so here it is,

Apatoraptor (Deceving thief)
Height when head raised, 8 feet tall
Length:13 feet long
Weight: 100 kg
Special: Can imitate animal's calls to lure prey
Hunts in packs of 15 adults
Intelligence: Capable of outsmarting an average human, capable of critical analysis and problem solving, communicates with different calls
Agility: Very agile, less agile than a big cat
Speed: 70 kph

Apatoraptor vs Jaguar
Apatoraptor vs Leopard
2 Apatoraptor vs Kodiak Bear
Apatoraptor vs 2 Gray Wolves

Hello Lawrence.  Good to hear from you again.

Apatoraptor vs Jaguar: A maximum-sized jaguar will weigh about 35% more than Apatoraptor (an average jaguar will weigh slightly less).  There's not enough information in regards to Apatoraptor's weaponry to give good assessment of a hypothetical fight between it and a jaguar.  I can assume it has weaponry akin to what dromaeosaurids are armed with because the creature's name ends in "raptor", and that's what I'll do for this set of questions.  Apatoraptor will be very slender considering its dimensions, and will probably be overpowered once it makes contact with the heavier, stronger jaguar.  Apatoraptor will presumably have teeth and claws to use as weapons, but so will the jaguar.  Jaguars are among the strongest cats pound-for-pound, and their jaw power is tremendous.  The enhanced abilities (problem solving, swift running speed, etc.) of Apatoraptor are impressive, but not when applied to a close-quarters battle with a cat accustomed to tackling prey far heavier than 100kg.  Even if Apatoraptor strategizes the best way to approach the jaguar, it simply won't have the tools to prevent the jaguar from pulling it down upon contact and finishing it with a crushing bite.  Jaguar wins.

Apatoraptor vs Leopard: Apatoraptor will weigh 10% more than a big tom leopard and over 40% more than an average one.  The Apatoraptor will run into the same problems with the leopard as it will with the jaguar, but its chances may be a bit better.  Leopards are battle-tested cats that often deal with lions, hyenas, baboons, and large prey items like wildebeest and warthogs.  The leopard's shoulder, neck, and head area is very muscular and robust, and its limbs are powerful as well.  Apatoraptor will have a chance to inflict injuries with some well-placed claw slashes, but will easily be tackled to the ground when the leopard decides it wants to do so.  Edge to leopard.

2 Apatoraptors vs Kodiak Bear: A large Kodiak bear can weigh almost 7 times as much as a single Apatoraptor.  Kodiak bears are immensely strong mammals with thick fur, great endurance, and impressive weaponry (huge bites, dangerous paw swipes).  The 2 Apatoraptors may be able to play "keep away" if they decide to, but any serious offense they attempt will put them in range of the bear's considerable might.  The Kodiak bear can easily break bones with its jaws or paws in a battle with these creatures, and only a large accumulation of damage will slow it down.  The Apatoraptors simply can't afford to get close to the bear.  Kodiak bear wins.

Apatoraptor vs 2 Gray Wolves: Apatoraptor will weigh about 65% more than a large grey wolf, and over twice as much as an average one.  This will be a close battle, and the exact type of weaponry the Apatoraptor possesses will be key.  Wolves work extremely well as a team, and they can cooperate to bring down animals much larger than themselves or drive larger predators away from kills.  Considering the long, slender build of Apatoraptor, it should have a large reach advantage when kicking or swiping with its claws.  It can keep the wolves at bay for a time and perhaps inflict serious injuries, but the wolves will be adept at attacking from various angles to divide its focus.  At some point the wolves will attempt to latch on with their jaws and pull the Apatoraptor to the ground.  They will succeed some of the time, but others times they will be driven away by the reasonably agile (and problem-solving) Apatoraptor.  Probably a 50/50.

* Although I admire and appreciate the creativity of it, I prefer not to answer questions involving "made-up" creatures because the answers are largely speculation and no one really learns anything from them.  There's a lot of matchups involving real animals that no one has asked yet!  Hope to hear from you again soon. *  

Best regards.

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