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Hi BK who would win between a walrus and a leopard?


Hello Gian.

Walrus vs Leopard: A walrus can weigh 20 times as much as a leopard.  Walruses are robust mammals with very tough skin and meter-long tusks.  These massive pinnipeds occasionally defend themselves from polar bears.  A walrus isn't very mobile on land, but is at home in the water.  A leopard is one of the strongest cats pound-for-pound, and has a very muscular shoulder and neck area.  It also has very strong limbs, and can haul large prey items (like impala and warthog) up into trees.  The leopard encounters (and sometimes battles) other dangerous animals in its African habitat (especially spotted hyenas).  Its large jaws and sharp teeth can apply a finishing bite to the throat of an opponent, and its sharp claws can grip hide to help the cat move into the position it wants.  A leopard will be able to easily outmaneuver a walrus on land and successfully avoid the thrusts of the pinniped's tusks.  The walrus won't be able to keep the leopard from jumping upon it, but its thick hide will provide it great protection from the clawing and biting the cat may attempt.  Realistically a leopard would have nothing to do with a huge walrus (even if they shared habitats).  A leopard will have trouble injuring the walrus (its throat area will likely be too wide to bite), and probably won't spend the time necessary to seek out any vulnerabilities.  Even the huge polar bear has great difficulty breaching the hide of an average-sized walrus, and it is much larger and stronger than any leopard.  A stalemate will be the likely result on land, but the walrus' ability to charge and frighten the much smaller leopard away grants it the edge.  When water is considered, the walrus will become more dominant as the depth increases.  Once the walrus gains mobility, it will be a real threat to injure the leopard with its tusks or its great weight.  Edge to walrus on land; walrus wins easily if water is included.  

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