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Brock Lesnar (no weapons, he has hard clothing)


1) 60kg rotvailer
2) 20kg caracal
3) 70kg red river hog
4) 80kg female asian black bear

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Brock Lesnar (no weapons, hard clothing) vs 60kg rotvailer: Brock Lesnar will weigh twice as much as the Rottweiler.  Lesnar is a powerful human, well-versed in fighting other humans in the UFC and demonstrating his physical abilities further in his profession wrestling career.  Rottweilers are intelligent, muscular dogs with deep chests and broad heads. They are commonly used as guardians, and have been utilized by the police & military.  Fighting a dog will be different than fighting a human, but Lesnar will have his chances.  The Rottweiler has one weapon (its strong bite), and has solid stamina.  If Lesnar can focus on avoiding a serious bite long enough to deliver blows (punches/kicks) or get into position to apply a choke (which will work on the dog), he will have an opportunity to prevail.  Against a trained Rottweiler, an average human will certainly lose on most occasions, but Brock Lesnar is no average human.  His strength, skill, and mental focus will be the keys for him, and his clothing may buy him time with any protection it can afford him.  Slight edge to Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar (no weapons, hard clothing) vs 20kg caracal: Brock Lesnar will weigh 6 times as much as the caracal.  Caracals resemble lynxes, and share similar attributes (speed, agility, sharp claws & teeth, potential for ferocity, ability to kill medium-sized prey).  Lesnar will likely get clawed badly in any hostile encounter with a caracal (on exposed areas), but he will have the size and strength to win.  He will be able to deliver enough force in his punches and kicks to stun the caracal, and the caracal won't have the size or ability to finish an adversary of this size.  Although he will receive multiple injuries in areas not covered by his clothing, Brock Lesnar should win.

Brock Lesnar (no weapons, hard clothing) vs 70kg red river hog: Brock Lesnar will weigh about 70% more than the red river hog.  Red river hogs are potentially dangerous herbivores with tough hides and sharp tusks.  Lesnar will have a hard time grabbing or striking the red river hog due to its lateral quickness, and the suid's tusks will be a serious threat to create gaping wounds with a few quick slashes (likely penetrating most areas on his hard clothing).  Lesnar won't be without hope if he can land a few solid kicks to the the hog's head, but he will be outmatched more times than not.  Red river hog wins.  

Brock Lesnar (no weapons, hard clothing) vs 80kg female asian black bear: Brock Lesnar will weigh 50% more than the female Asian black bear.  Asian black bears aren't as formidable pound-for-pound as brown bears, but still bring a lot to the table with their ursid attributes (strength, durability, stamina, strong bites, sharp claws, forelimb usage).  Asian black bears occasionally encounter other dangerous animals (tigers, leopards, etc.).  Even though Lesnar will be larger and heavier than the female Asian black bear, he will not be stronger (or as well-armed).  The bear will dominate any physical positioning, and Lesnar's clothing will only be minor protection from the ursid's claws and teeth.  Female Asian black bear wins.

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