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1) 3x brock lesnar (he has hard clothing) (no weapons) vs  80kg Spotted Hyena

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3 Brock Lesnars (with hard clothing) vs 80kg Spotted Hyena: Each Brock Lesnar will weigh 50% more than the spotted hyena.  Lesnar is a powerful human, well-versed in fighting other humans in the UFC and demonstrating his physical abilities further in his profession wrestling career.  3 of them will certainly have the ability to strategize and determine what will be the best way to tackle the spotted hyena.  Spotted hyenas are extremely durable animals with incredibly strong bite forces (can easily crush bone).  These carnivores are battle-tested, routinely getting into conflicts with lions, leopards, African wild dogs, and other dangerous African predators.  A spotted hyena will likely be physically stronger than a single Lesnar, but all 3 Lesnars will have the strength to restrict the hyena's movements if they work together.  Any bite by the spotted hyena's powerful jaws can potentially disable or impede one of the Lesnars (the hard clothing will help some, but the hyena's jaws will be strong enough to breach most areas), but an accumulation of punches and kicks can eventually wear down the hyena if any of them land heavily in the head/neck area.  A chokehold won't likely be effective enough on the tough hyena to be a viable finishing strategy, but it may keep the crushing jaws at bay while the other 2 Lesnars attack other vital areas.  Because all 3 Lesnars will probably suffer bite injuries during the course of the struggle, their mental toughness and focus will be vital.  Brock Lesnar has demonstrated mental toughness in many of his UFC bouts (one example being against Shane Carwin; Lesnar was dominated the first round, but refused to quit.  He came back to win convincingly in round 2), and this attribute will help the 3 Lesnars have the will to battle on despite any injuries they receive.  If the 3 Lesnars haphazardly attempt to defeat the spotted hyena without forming a decent strategy and maintaining clear heads, they will likely be injured enough by the spotted hyena's bite to lose this encounter.  However, if the 3 Lesnars plan their attack accordingly, they should prevail more times than not against this formidable animal.  Edge to 3 Brock Lesnars.

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