Interspecies Conflict/dire wulf


1) 100kg dire wulf vs 70kg leopard
2) 100kg dire wulf vs 2x 35kg eurasian lynx

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dire wulf (100kg) vs leopard (70kg): Dires wolves were slightly larger than modern-day wolves, so this will be a huge dire wolf.  Dire wolves were stockier than grey wolves, and had tremendously strong jaws.  They occasionally had to compete with saber-tooth cats (Smilodons) over prey items.  Leopards are among the strongest cats (pound-for-pound), and demonstrate this strength by dragging heavy kills into trees (to keep them from being stolen by lions and hyenas).  Leopards are battle-tested, occasionally dealing with dangerous adversaries (hyenas, baboons, etc.).  Like all cats, leopards have great agility, speed, athleticism, weaponry (jaws & claws), and finishing know-how.  Dealing with a dire wolf will be similar to dealing with a large spotted hyena for the leopard, and leopards usually give way to spotted hyenas to avoid suffering any injuries that might impede them from hunting effectively.  The dire wolf will drive the leopard away, but a serious fight will actually be competitive.  The leopard's sharp claws will cause damage, but the big bite of the dire wolf will be serious asset for the canid.  Dogs typically have much better stamina than cats, and any prolonged battle will shift the advantage strongly to the dire wolf.  Edge to dire wolf.

dire wulf (100kg) vs 2 Eurasian lynxes (35kg each): The dire wolf will bring size, a strong bite force, and better stamina into this battle with the 2 Eurasian lynxes.  Eurasian lynxes are the largest of lynxes, and they are capable of subduing prey items larger than themselves.  They are armed with sharp claws that can slash effectively into an opponent, and sharp teeth to deliver bites.  Lynxes are as formidable (pound-for-pound) as big cats are, but can be fierce, capable combatants.  They won't realistically work as a team in the same way lionesses will, so these lynxes creating a strategy to overpower the dire wolf isn't a plausible notion.  The bite of the dire wolf can seriously injure either lynx quite easily, and the canid's bite will be a more effective weapon than the combined clawing and biting the smaller lynxes will offer.  This huge dire wolf will likely dispatch one lynx in short order, and then finish off the other one.  Dire wolf wins.

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