Interspecies Conflict/Lesnar


1) 300kg brown bear vs 15x brock lesnar (no weapons, work together)
2) 60kg sun bear vs brock lesnar

Hi David, lovely to hear from you!

1. A Bear of this size is incredibly dangerous and has far more superior weaponry than even the strongest men (especially without weaponry).

Bears are incredibly agile for their size (much quicker reactions than humans), and could easily kill half this group very quickly with a swipe of those thunderous forelimbs or those devastating jaws. The humans won't be able to hold the Bear without risking fatal injury, and no kick or punch will injure the Bear, such is their incredible constitution.

Humans are indeed greatly intelligent, and would expose certain vulnerabilities of the Bear (eyes, genitals, ears, etc), but how are they going to overpower the Bear or cause injury without any weapons? Bears are built for predation and battle, and would cause far too much damage for any humans to win. The Bear would reduce their numbers too quickly.

2. As in the above question, how would Lesnar overpower the Bear or sustain injury without being lacerated or killed by the Bear? Sun Bears in particular have supple skin around their back and shoulders that allows them to wriggle free from being held, and allows them to fight back effectively.

Brock Lesnar is a strong human- but he is human. His skin is much thinner, bones less dense and his resistance to injury is nothing compared to a wild predator. Bear wins.

Thanks for the questions David!

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