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I sent you a picture of the Icaroraptors, judging by the comparison of it's size to the environment, what do you think should be the height and length? And also some battles,

Icaroraptor vs Arcturus Wolf

Icaroraptor vs Gloffiphant

Lion vs Tiger

Smilodon vs Hyaenodon

Arcturus Wolf vs Fighting Bull

Pleistocene Polar Bear vs Arctotherium

I also heard of this Golden Retriever that fought a cougar and was able to survive for 5 minutes until help arrived, how many Golden Retrievers will it take to dominate a cougar? How about this scenario?

Full-Grown Male human and 2 Golden Retrievers vs Cougar

And also, with the power and intelligence of Icaroraptors, can they actually make sauropods their cattle? Like the Icaroraptor equivalent of a cow is a sauropod?

Hello Lawrence.

Q: I sent you a picture of the Icaroraptors, judging by the comparison of it's size to the environment, what do you think should be the height and length?
A: It seems to have a build similar to a Utahraptor, but with a shorter tail.  At 600kg (about 20% heavier than a Utahraptor) its height (with head raised) would be about 8.5ft and its length would be almost 15-16ft.  Its height at the hips would be about 5.5ft.

Icaroraptor vs Arcturus Wolf: The Icaroraptor will weigh close to double the Arcturus wolf's weight.  Both are intelligent and have formidable bites, but the venom spit by Icaroraptor will be a big advantage.  Neither will hold up to the other's offense for long, but the Icaroraptor's greater size and versatility will probably give it the win most of the time.  Icaroraptor wins.

Icaroraptor vs Gloffiphant: The Gloffiphant will weigh 4 1/2 times as much as Icaroraptor.  The ability to turn quickly is a huge asset for Gloffiphant, but it will need to be wary of Icaroraptor's venom.  The Gloffiphant can easily crush Icaroraptor with a charge, but the intelligent Icaroraptor should form a strategy to offset the larger animal's advantages.  Probably could go either way.

Lion vs Tiger: A tiger will weigh about 10% more than the lion (assuming we use the African lion and the Bengal tiger).  These are 2 very similar creatures biologically, and there are only subtle differences between the two (the lion is slightly taller at the shoulder; the tiger is slightly longer).  The male lion is charged with the protection of the pride.  Other male lions will attempt to invade the pride to gain territory & females, and the leader of the pride must do battle to keep his throne.  As a result, male lions are constantly fighting other male lions.  Even at kills, lions will fight amongst themselves for their share of the food.  Tigers are usually solitary hunters (hunting in pairs has occurred), but males will fight over territory.  The mane of the lion is used primarily to intimidate rivals & attract females, but might also serve to soften the paw swipes of a rival male.  A male tiger is a better hunter than a male lion, but the lion will probably have the edge as a combatant.  A lion is certainly capable of defeating a heavier tiger just like a tiger is capable of defeating a heavier lion (slight edge to lion at parity), but the 10% difference should be enough to give the heavier cat the edge on most occasions.  Edge to tiger.

Smilodon vs Hyaenodon: We'll use Smilodon populator and Hyaenodon gigas for this matchup (Hyaenodon horridus would be much too small to compete with Smilodon populator, Smilodon fatalis, and Smilodon gracilis, and Hyaenodon gigas would be a little too big for Smilodon fatalis and much too big for Smilodon gracilis).  Smilodon populator will weigh about 80% of Hyaenodon gigas' weight.  Smilodon was a stocky, powerful felid accustommed to tackling large prey items and wrestling them to the ground.  Its sharp claws and long canines were great assets in conflicts, and it would aim to finish with a stabbing bite to a vulnerable area (like the neck).  Hyaenodon gigas was a credont with a large head and bone-crushing jaws.  Smilodon would need to use its agility to avoid the Hyaenodon's big bite and get into a good position in which to deliver its own bite.  Close fight, but the cat should have the edge more times than not.  Edge to Smilodon.

Arcturus Wolf vs Fighting Bull: A Spanish fighting bull will weigh almost 2 1/2 times as much as an Arturus wolf.  Fighting bulls are muscular, powerful, and aggressive.  Their horns are shaped well for thrusting, and one is certainly capable of killing the Arcturus wolf.  However, speed and intelligence will be 2 huge advantages for the Arturus wolf.  If it skillfully uses its massive bite to wear the bull down while nimbly avoiding those horns, it can defeat the bull.  I'd probably give the Arcturus wolf the edge.

Pleistocene Polar Bear vs Arctotherium: Using the top estimates generally considered reasonable for each bear, the polar bear will weigh about 75% the weight of the Arctotherium.  The Arctotherium (South American short-faced bear) was closest in kin to the spectacled bear (but I'm not saying it was exactly like a scaled-up spectacled bear).  I don't consider spectacled bears to be on par with polar bears pound-for-pound due to how each bear uses it muscles & what each bear hunts (or eats), but the Arctotherium has too much of a weight advantage here.  I would likely favor the Pleistocene polar bear once it exceeded about 80% of the Arctotherium's weight, and I would heavily favor it at parity.  Decent fight, but the Arctotherium has a slight edge.

Q: How many Golden Retrievers will it take to dominate a cougar?
A: A big cougar can weigh almost 3 times as much as a Golden Retriever.  Golden Retrievers are friendly, gentle dogs for the most part (great family pets), and aren't anywhere close to the top of the list among dog breeds as far as combat is concerned.  The Golden Retriever you mentioned that fought the cougar was probably injured by the cat, and there's no way to know why it survived without knowing key details (circumstances of their battle, size & age of the cougar, level of each animal's determination, etc.).  2 or 3 of these dogs might be able to drive a cougar away with their barking, but any serious confrontation with this large cat will require more.  At least 4 or 5 if the dogs work together.

Full-Grown Male human and 2 Golden Retrievers vs Cougar: A cougar will realistically slink away if confronted with a man and 2 dogs if it can, but if forced to fight, the cat will be a very dangerous foe.  The quickness, agility, and weaponry of the cougar will give it the ability to cause serious injuries to the man and the 2 golden retrievers and enable it to avoid a lot of the offense the trio will offer.  Assuming the human is unarmed, I'd give the cougar the edge in a serious fight.

Q: With the power and intelligence of Icaroraptors, can they actually make sauropods their cattle?
A: Hard to say for sure, but I won't say it's impossible.  Cattle are typically content when given room to roam and food to eat/graze upon, so one key will be whether or not the sauropods care what is being done to them.  I think a reptile might be harder to "herd" than a mammal, and that might make it a task beyond the capabilities of Icaroraptor.

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