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Hi again Bk,weird question who would win between a Raccoon and a Beaver?


Hello Gian.

Raccoon vs Beaver: The American beaver, the world's 2nd largest rodent, can weigh over twice as much as a common raccoon.  Raccoons typically predate upon grasshoppers, crickets, fish, voles, mice, crayfish, frogs, and other small animals.  These omnivores also eat fruits and nuts.  Raccoons are fierce fighters (can inflict bites with sharp teeth), but won't readily attack something much larger than themselves without a threat being present.  They are known for fighting and repelling dogs (in one-on-one situations) that attack them.  Raccoons are good climbers and swimmers.  A beaver has a bulky body, and like all rodents, can deliver a nasty bite with its incisors.  Beavers primarily feed upon tree bark, and can gnaw through small trees (and large ones over 2.5ft in diameter) to acquire dam-building materials.  Beavers aren't very fast movers on land, but are skillful swimmers.  Although the raccoon may be the more aggressive animal, any serious battle will be a bite vs bite affair that will favor the much larger beaver.  The more mobile & agile raccoon may be able to deliver bites more rapidly, but a beaver's strong bite can quickly cause large wounds on the smaller mammal.  Raccoons can hold their own against many animals in their weight range, but a beaver will be too big for one to handle on most occasions.  Beaver wins.  

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