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Hello again BK how are things going? Things are going swell for me. Any ways here's my matchup. Camel vs Kodiak Bear? I've been thinking about camel matchups lately because I've come across some past questions on here regarding camels in battle with other animals. So camel vs Kodiak bear is my question.

Thank You

Hello Trish.  Things are going OK here; glad all is well with you.

Camel vs Kodiak Bear: There are 2 types of camels (Bactrian & dromedary).  The Kodiak bear will weigh close to same weight as a dromedary camel, and the Bactrian camel will weigh a bit more.  A camel isn't as battle-tested against other animals as many large herbivores are, but its large size (7ft tall at the hump) makes it a tough opponent.  A camel's kick is strong (and it will bite), but 2 males will usually attempt to "wrestle" one another by using their necks in an attempt to force each other to the ground (not a technique a camel would use against a bear).  Kodiak bears (1,500lb and 5ft at the shoulder) usually don't attack large prey items.  It may not be as experienced as some other bears (like polar bears) when it comes to killing larger animals, but it has the tools to do so even if it doesn't do it all the time.  Kodiak bears are immensely strong, have powerful jaws, and muscular limbs armed with long claws.  Bears can grab, swipe, and bite in a conflict.  Their endurance and durability make them difficult adversaries in a fight.  A camel may very well survive a Kodiak bear attack and resist enough to drive the predator away, but the bear can kill it with well-placed paw swipes (to the head) or by eventually forcing it to the ground.  The bear will have trouble controlling the movements of a large camel in its attempts to topple it over, but the camel's offense won't be as great as that of some other similar-sized herbivores (bison, moose, etc.) against a bear.  When watching two large herbivores fight one another (like bison vs bison or moose vs moose), it's easy to see how these animals have a chance to effectively defend themselves against a bear or other predator.  A camel isn't going to be able to produce that same level of offense/defense in this particular matchup that one of these large bovids or cervids will be able to (against a bear, a camel's kick will be it's only real weapon).  A stalemate may be the most realistic conclusion here (each animal won't easily be able to overcome the other), but the Kodiak bear is equipped better to win a serious battle.  A very large camel may be too much for the bear to handle, but as long as the weights are reasonably close, the bear will have a decent chance.  Overall edge to Kodiak bear.

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