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for this one all Xenos & Arcturus wolves are sentinent
Tell me how each fight would be won

3 male Xenos(380kg) vs allosaurus
2 Arcturus wolves 290kg vs utahraptor
2 male Xeno 380kg vs arctotherium
4 Arcturus wolves vs arctotherium
Arctotherium vs megalania
Arctotherium vs ceratosaurs
Hyenadon vs 2 Arcturus wolves
Xenofelis vs Kodiak bear
Arcturus wolf vs Kodiak bear
3 Arcturus wolves vs deadon
Xenofelis vs daedon
Xenofelis vs future predator ( the one from primeval )
Arcturus wolf vs future predator

Hello Anthony.

* Any answers or assessments involving non-real creatures are guesses (not my strong suit). *

3 male Xenos (380kg) vs Allosaurus: The Allosaurus will weigh over 6-7 times as much as a single Xeno.  Allosaurus was a large theropod with good hunting skills and a huge bite (sharp blade-like teeth for removing flesh).  A single bite from Allosaurus can kill a Xeno, but the cats can prevail with a quick, coordinated attack.  The Xenos will need to leap onto an area of Allosaurus where they will be relatively safe from a counter-attack, and that won't be easy.  The Xenos' bites are deadly, and their "sentient" status will enable them to emphasize personal safety and sound evasive techniques while one finds the right spot to land a killing bite.  Edge to 3 Xenos.

2 Arcturus wolves (290kg each) vs Utahraptor: The Utahraptor will weigh a little over 70% more than each Arturus wolf.  The wolves technique of landing quick bites from 2 sides until wearing the quarry down (then grabbing on tightly to pull it down) won't work as well on a Utahraptor as it will on a herbivore of similar size, but their lateral quickness may enable them to succeed on occasion.  The Utahraptor has good leaping and turning ability, and has a variety of weapons at its disposal (strong jaws with sharp teeth, grabbing claws on its forelimbs, long claws to kick/slash with).  With the Arcturus wolves enjoying "sentient" status, they will know to stay out of harm's way and better apply their physical skills.  They will attack quickly form each side until the Utahraptor is tired, then one will lunge in for a fatal throat-bite.  Edge to Arcturus wolves.

2 male Xenos (380kg each) vs Arctotherium: The Arctotherium will weigh twice as much as both Xenos combined.  Normally 2 big cats won't have the strength to gain positioning against a bear 4 times their own weight, but the Xenos are somewhat enhanced (long teeth, high bite forces, long claws), and can cause a lot of damage leading up to an attempt for a finishing throat-bite.  The giant bear's paw usage will enable it to defend itself well (even at close quarters), and its endurance will be solid.  The Xenos will need to be cautious, but deliberate.  Once one Xeno draws the bear's focus, the other one can make a quick, savage lunge to land the killing bite.  Edge to 2 Xenos.

4 Arcturus wolves vs Arctotherium: The Arctotherium (giant South American short-faced bear)will weigh about 5 1/2 times as much as an Arcturus wolf.  This will be like 4 African wild dogs taking on an Asiatic black bear.  An Arctotherium is closest in kin to a spectacled bear (among modern bears), but is about 9 times as heavy and twice as tall at the shoulder.  It was likely both a hunter and a scavenger.  The wolves will have the ability to attack from all sides and will be quick enough to avoid the bear's counter-attacks.  Eventually the bear will lose steam and the wolves will make their landed bites more profound (in terms of damage inflicted).  It will take some time, but the Arcturus wolves will eventually prevail if they're determined.  

Arctotherium vs Megalania: Arctotherium will weigh about 1/3 more than Megalania.  This will be similar to an average-sized spectacled bear taking on a Komodo dragon.  Megalania was likely an ambush hunter like the Komodo dragon, and may have had the same dangerous bite (bacteria and shock-inducing toxins).  Arctotherium was large enough and well-armed enough (jaws, swiping claws) to deter Megalania from attacking face-to-face, but any bite landed by the reptile might spell doom for the bear.  Most of the time Arctotherium would probably drive Megalania away with its offense, but any serious battle would be won by Arctotherium (although death might later occur for the ursid).  Overall edge to Arctotherium.

Arctotherium vs Ceratosaurus: Arctotherium was close to twice the weight of Ceratosaurus.  Ceratosaurus was a theropod with a decent-sized horn on its nose and a fearsome set of jaws.  It likely hunted stegosaurs and sauropods.  This dinosaur would certainly have the most formidable weapon in this battle (bite), but the Arctotherium's larger size and forepaw usage would be enough to give the bear the edge in this battle.  Any close-quarters combat would likely lead to the Arctotherium knocking the Ceratosaurus to the ground and brutalizing it while holding it there.  A few well-placed bites might swing things into Ceratosaurus' favor, but the ursid should win more times than not.  Edge to Arctotherium.

Hyaenodon vs 2 Arcturus wolves: Each Arcturus wolf will weigh about 60% of a Hyaenodon gigas' weight.  Hyaenodon was a large carnivore with a huge head and bone-crushing jaws.  The wolves will be quick enough (with their enhanced abilities) to avoid the bites of the Hyaenodon and land effective bites of their own (while dividing the larger creature's focus).  Hyaenodon horridus was no bigger than a gray wolf and would have no chance against a single Arcturus wolf, and a Hyaenodon gigas would not be favored against 2 "sentient" Arcturus wolves.  2 Arcturus wolves win.    

Xenofelis vs Kodiak bear: The Kodiak bear will weigh about 80% more than a single Xeno.  Kodiak bears are immensely strong, have powerful jaws, and muscular limbs armed with long claws.  Bears can grab, swipe, and bite in a conflict.  Normally a felid and an ursid are reasonably close adversaries at close weights, but the Xeno is a "sentient" creature here and can use its higher level of quickness and agility to avoid the swipes and bites of the bear.  The Xeno will need to make a quick lunge to get into the right position to deliver a killing bite with its long canines (the bear can dislodge the cat if the cat takes too long to land this bite).  It won't be easy, but the Xeno should have the edge.

Arcturus wolf vs Kodiak bear: The Kodiak bear will weigh about 2 1/3 more than a single Arcturus wolf.  The wolf will have the quickness to stay out of the bear's range, but will put itself in danger when it comes close to bite.  Without a 2nd wolf to divide the bear's focus, the bear will not be distracted and will be a dangerous foe.  A strong swipe can seriously injure the wolf, and the bear's endurance will allow it to battle strongly for a long time.  Edge to Kodiak bear.

3 Arcturus wolves vs Daeodon: Daeodon will weigh almost 3 1/2 times as much as a single Arcturus wolf.  This will be like 3 large red wolves taking on a warthog.  The tusks and bite of the Daeodon will be a menacing obstacle for the wolves to overcome, but they should be clever enough to employ the "bite and retreat" approach until the huge creature fatigues.  The wolves should be able to land more meaningful bites and bring their quarry to the ground (but this will take a while).  Edge to 3 Arcturus wolves.

Xenofelis vs Daeodon: Daeodon will weigh over 2 1/2 times as much as a Xeno.  This will be like a snow leopard tackling a warthog.  Bite placement will be important here for the Xeno.  A felid weighing only 3/8th of a large, dangerous prey item will typically have its work cut out for it, but the Xeno's "sentient" status grants it the ability to strategize and pick its spots.  With the right attack (and proper bite) the Xeno should prevail more times than not.

Xenofelis vs future predator (the one from Primeval): Xeno will weigh approximately 3 times as much as Future Predator.  The Future Predator detects prey like bats do, and has a great deal of agility.  It isn't a durable creature (can be stunned easily), but has sharp teeth and claws that can inflict multiple injuries in a short amount of time.  Xeno will have the agility to keep up with Future Predator in a battle, and can overpower it at close quarters.  The Future Predator will be a threat to dish out damage, but won't be able to withstand a well-placed bite from a Xeno.  Xeno wins.

Arcturus wolf vs future predator: Arcturus wolf will weigh over twice as much as Future Predator.  Future Predator is fast and agile, but the Arcturus wolf can turn quickly to face any attacker.  The big bite of the wolf will land when the Future Predator moves in close to attack, and these bites will wear the smaller creature down.  Close battle, but the sentient Arcturus wolf will have the skill and focus it needs to prevail.  Arcturus wolf wins.

Best regards.

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