Interspecies Conflict/silverback gorila


1) 384kg bengal tiger (the largest hunted tiger ever) vs 2x 175kg (normal specimen) asiatic lion
2) 420kg ngandong tiger vs 2x 200kg (large specimen)asiatic lion
3) 170kg silverback gorila vs 2x 60kg rotwailer
4) 170kg silverback borila vs 8x brock lesnar (hard clothing)
5) 170kg silverback gorila vs 80kg leopard
6) 170kg silverback gorila vs 130kg panda bear
7) 170kg silverback gorila vs 3x 35kg pitbull

Hello David.

1) 384kg bengal tiger (the largest hunted tiger ever) vs 2x 175kg (normal specimen) asiatic lion: Assuming this Bengal tiger wasn't overweight or unhealthy, it will be a force to be reckoned with against 2 felids with similar assets & attributes that weigh less than it does combined.  The tiger and the lions each have strength, speed, athleticism, agility, strong jaws with sharp teeth, sharp claws, and experience in landing a killing bite (and getting into position to do so).  This will be similar (in some aspects) to a full-sized male lion taking on 2 average-sized lionesses.  The lionesses may be able to drive a male lion away, but in a serious fight the larger cat will be too much for the smaller ones.  In this matchup, the Bengal tiger will have better reach and greater power in a "swipe war", and its ability to disable one of the Asiatic lions before getting seriously injured itself will place the odds in the tiger's favor.  Bengal tiger wins.

2) 420kg ngandong tiger vs 2x 200kg (large specimen) asiatic lion: This will be similar to the first matchup.  The larger cat (Ngandong tiger)is over twice as heavy as each smaller one (Asiatic lion), and will bring too much power and killing potential to the table to be easily overcome.  Although lions often tackle large prey items as a group, the ability for the Ngandong tiger to seize one of the lions and disable it rather quickly (despite the efforts of the other one) will likely be its trump card.  Ngandong tiger wins.

3) 170kg silverback gorila vs 2x 60kg rotwailer: Although the silverback gorilla will be slightly above average weight and the Rottweilers will be close to maximum weight for the breed, the ape will outweigh the canid tandem by over 40%.  Silverback gorillas are male gorillas (usually 12 years of age or so) that usually protect the troop from danger and drive away rival males.  A gorilla isn't experienced at taking on other types of animals (sometimes encounters leopards), but is equipped with the great physical strength and sharp teeth needed to be a capable combatant.  Rottweilers are intelligent, muscular dogs with deep chests and broad heads. They are commonly used as guardians, and have been utilized by the police & military.  The 2 Rottweilers here (if trained) will likely rush in to secure a hold with their jaws, but a gorilla has the means (long, powerful arms and grabbing hands) to repel them and manipulate their movements to some degree.  The gorilla may be caught off guard initially by the dog's attack, but any large gorilla fighting for its life will be a formidable adversary.  The forceful blows of the gorilla's arms may be closer to flailing than a precise offense, but they can injure any animal weighing only 35% of what it does.  The gorilla will be injured, but it should be able to use its mighty arms and hands to help it get into position to land multiple damaging bites to the Rottweilers.  Silverback gorilla wins.

4) 170kg silverback gorila vs 8x brock lesnar (hard clothing): The silverback gorilla will weigh about 42% more than each Brock Lesnar.  Brock Lesnar is a very strong, athletic human being with impressive combat skills (wrestling, MMA training).  8 Brocks can potentially be an effective fighting force in this matchup if they work together and keep their focus, but they will be much, much weaker in comparison to the ape.  If a gorilla is thrashing about with his long. powerful arms and landing bites here and there (in areas not protected by the hard clothing or by driving its canines through the hard clothing), the Brocks will struggle to neutralize this.  Even a wayward arm swing from the gorilla that unintentionally strikes one of the Brocks can have serious effect (perhaps breaking bones).  It will be hard for the Brocks to hurt the gorilla without a large accumulation of strikes, but the gorilla can potentially dispatch each Brock rather quickly.  The gorilla might get intimidated and retreat if it's not defending its troop, but the Brocks will have trouble figuring out how to best proceed against such a strong opponent (fighting a gorilla isn't something a group of humans can really train for).  This gorilla isn't a maximum-sized one and the Brocks can possibly restrain it with a unified effort, but this will be somewhat like 8 regular humans weighing 85kg each taking on a 120kg Brock Lesnar.  The Brocks will have trouble dispatching the gorilla without weapons, but may be able to force a retreat.  A maximum-sized gorilla (208kg) will have the edge, but this 170kg one will make it a close contest.  For similar questions and answers, check out "brock vs animals" from 9/14/14 and "varied" from 11/2/14.  This could likely go either way depending on the mentality of each party and what actions & results will actually constitute "a win".  Close to 50/50.

5) 170kg silverback gorila vs 80kg leopard: Leopards have successfully ambushed sleeping gorillas by quickly getting into a good position to land a killing bite, but face-to-face would be a different scenario.  Leopards have many advantages over a gorilla in terms of combat (agility, quickness, sharp claws, killing experience), and are strong felines pound-for-pound, but one will not have as much absolute strength as a gorilla over twice its size.  Gorillas have long, powerful arms that can be used to grab or apply blunt force, and has a dangerous bite of its own.  Gorillas aren't used to taking on other large animals of another species in combat, but the size and strength advantage it has over the leopard here will give it the edge in this conflict.  The leopard's goal will be to get into that "killing bite" position, and it will be difficult to do with a large gorilla that's aware of its presence.  Silverback gorilla wins.

6) 170kg silverback gorila vs 130kg panda bear: The panda bear (giant panda) is robust and strong, but is usually timid (as is the gorilla).  However, if angry, it can be dangerous (as with the gorilla).  A giant panda isn't as combative or formidable on a pound-for-pound basis as a brown bear, but it can still be dangerous.  Giant pandas have strong jaws capable of a crunching bite and sharp claws that can inflict serious injuries.  In a real-life encounter the gorilla will probably intimidate the panda into a quick retreat, but an actual fight will probably find the panda capable of injuring the gorilla more effectively than the other way around.  Edge to panda bear.

7) 170kg silverback gorila vs 3x 35kg pitbull: American Pit Bull Terriers can be formidable fighters.  APBTs are strong, athletic, and have great stamina.  These dogs have tons of energy, and (if game-bred) will battle through injury with great intensity.  Game-bred Pit Bulls will attack immediately, and will attempt to latch onto their targets with their strong jaws (usually aiming for the head & face area; many times using a "bite & shake" method).  The 3 Pit Bulls won't devise a strategy to overcome the gorilla like wolves or African wild dogs might do, but will likely proceed as 3 individuals rather than as a team.  This will actually benefit the gorilla because it will quickly know what it's up against once the APBTs attach themselves to it, and the ape will be able to use its powerful arms and hands to grab each dog to inflict bites with greater ease than 3 canids that might choose to use a "bite & retreat" strategy.  If the gorilla panics, it is likely doomed.  However, if it can systematically dislodge and disable each dog before succumbing to its wounds, it will have a chance to overcome the trio.  The gorilla's great strength and hand usage will give it a much better chance against the dogs than many other similar-sized non-predators will have, and the fact that it weighs almost 5 times as much as each dog bodes well for it.  Edge to gorilla.

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