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1) brock lesnar vs daedon (pariti)
2)  brock lesnar vs hyaenodon gigas  (pariti)
3)  brock lesnar vs megatherium (pariti)
4)  brock lesnar vs moose (pariti)
5)  brock lesnar vs walrus (pariti)
6) brock lesnar vs zebra (pariti)
7) brock lesnar vs american aligator (pariti)

Hello again David.

1) brock lesnar vs daedon (pariti): To recap, Brock Lesnar is an impressive athlete (professional wrestler) and a very skilled combatant (mixed martial arts experience) for a human.  For scaling purposes, Brock will measure almost twice as tall as Daeodon's shoulder height.  Daeodon was a bison-sized creature with a huge set of powerful jaws and protruding tusks.  Brock will have a hard time staying out of the range of the giant pig's weapons as he tries to apply his offense, and Daeodon will probably have better lateral quickness.  Again, Brock comes into this battle unarmed and with less strength than his opponent.  Humans can't really train to take on a wild animal with the same level of skill and competence needed to train to take on another human, and this will be to Brock's detriment.  Daeodon wins.   

2) brock lesnar vs hyaenodon gigas (pariti): Brock will measure approximately 70-80% taller than the Hyaenodon gigas' shoulder height.  Hyaenodon was a predator (and likely scavenger) that had a huge set of powerful jaws.  It was nimble for its size as well.  Brock will have the power and skill to deliver solid strikes, but will have almost no chance to avoid getting bit by the Hyaenodon's jaws.  Brock will need the mental toughness (which I'm sure he will have) to continue battling once he is seized, but his options may be limited if he no longer has the range or maneuverability to effectively strike a vulnerable target.  This is somewhat like an average man vs a dog at equal weights....sometimes the man may win; sometimes the dog may win.  With its super bite, the Hyaenodon will be hard to top here.  Edge to Hyaenodon gigas.   

3) brock lesnar vs megatherium (pariti): Brock will stand about 25% taller than the Megatherium (giant ground sloth) raises up.  Megatherium was a very strong mammal with armor-like hide (pieces of bone formed a "chain mail" type of protection for it underneath its furry exterior) and huge claws that could swipe with great effect.  Brock's punches and kicks will not be effective without accumulation (and he will have a small mobility advantage that will help him land a few), but a few solid swipes from Megatherium can quickly disable the human.  The advantages of strength, durability, and weaponry are clearly with the giant ground sloth in this encounter.  Megatherium wins.

4) brock lesnar vs moose (pariti): Brock will stand slightly more than 60% taller than the moose's shoulder height.  Moose are the largest and most powerfully built deer on the planet.  They have huge antlers (wide-spreading and typically with sharp points along the edges) and sharp hooves.  Brock will have trouble kicking and punching without getting toppled over by the moose's charges (the moose will be much stronger), and grabbing onto the moose to attempt a choke will be hard because the relatively nimble moose will be able to consistently turn toward him.  Brock's intelligence and ability to strategize will give him a decent chance, but there's too many factors against him here to give him the nod.  Edge to moose.

5) brock lesnar vs walrus (pariti): Brock will measure over 3 times as tall as the walrus when the walrus raises its head.  Walruses have very tough hides and long tusks, but they aren't especially mobile on land.  Brock will have the advantage of greater maneuverability, and should be able to stay out of harm's way throughout the first few moments of the battle while delivering strikes to the pinniped.  However, Brock's strikes won't be effective without great accumulation (and will need to target the head area which will be risky for Brock), and the walrus may eventually find its mark with its long tusks.  If any water is involved, the walrus' mobility will greatly improve, as will its chances to prevail in this matchup.  A stalemate is the most likely conclusion for a land battle, but the walrus will have the edge if any water is involved.  Overall edge to walrus.

6) brock lesnar vs zebra (pariti): The zebra's shoulder height will be almost 55% of Brock's total height.  Zebras are strong equids (much stronger pound-for-pound than a domestic horse) that are battle-tested (often deal with lions, crocodiles, hyenas, etc.) and aggressive.  A zebra can kick with a lot of force (especially with its back legs) and will bite without hesitation.  Brock will have a chance to deliver strong kicks and punches, but these strikes won't have as much effect on the zebra as they will on a human opponent.  The zebra will have greater maneuverability than Brock, and will have a solid means of offense regardless of which way it's facing.  A well-placed strike by Brock can potentially stun the zebra, but his chances of landing one won't be good after the zebra figures out it's being attacked.  Edge to zebra.

7) brock lesnar vs american aligator (pariti): The length of the alligator will be about 60% greater than the height of Brock Lesnar.  An American alligator is covered in osteoderms (bony growths that provide protection), and is armed with a set of jaws that can close with a tremendous amount of force.  An alligator's endurance on land isn't typically great, but these reptiles have been known to battle strongly for a decent amount of time to avoid capture.  The alligator will be at a disadvantage on land in regards to mobility, but it can make quick movements to utilize its bite or its powerful tail.  For Brock to have a chance, he will need to know a bit about alligators and what they do, and will need to form a strategy.  If he can circle the alligator from a distance far enough away to be relatively safe but close enough to provoke a reaction from the reptile that might induce it to eventually tire itself out, Brock might have a chance to force a stalemate.  He won't have the ability to kill the alligator without weapons, but can hold its jaws together if he can tire it out and subdue it like the experienced alligator wranglers do (and this will be especially risky without lots of practice).  Brock will need to play "keep away" and know when to pounce to have success, and may be able to force a stalemate if he knows what he's doing.  Any water introduced to the equation will vastly improve the alligator's chances (its stamina and maneuverability will improve by leaps and bounds), and Brock will be in trouble.  Close battle on land, American alligator wins in water.

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