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hi there bk.two 250kg male bengal tigers vs a 1500lb kodiak bear?tough match up to call that i would of thought.and as you know i've always liked the man vs primate, and especially the silverback vs huge and some of the largest and strongest men to ever what about three big shows fight to the death vs a large silverback gorilla?i'm sure you have heard of big show but just to clarify, wwe wrestler, 7ft tall giant, close to 500lbs.thanks again for your time bk much appreciated.

Hello Chris.

2 male Bengal tigers (250kg each) vs Kodiak bear (1,500lb): The Kodiak bear will weigh 1/3 more than both Bengal tigers combined and will measure about 40% taller at the shoulder.  A Bengal tiger is an extremely good hunter, and often subdues prey items much larger than itself by using a stealthy and well-executed ambush.  Even adult gaur and water buffalo have been taken by solo Bengal tigers, and this is a testament to this big cat's effectiveness as a hunter.  The Bengal tiger is typically a solitary cat, but hunting in pairs does occur on rare occasions.  Tigers are powerful predators with high levels of speed, agility, athleticism, and killing experience.  Kodiak bears, along with polar bears, are the largest terrestrial meat-eating animals on the planet (although a majority of the meat they eat is fish).  A Kodiak bear has great strength and endurance, and it is well-equipped for combat (strong bite, clawed forelimbs).  Bengal tigers encounter bears on occasion, but none close to the size of a Kodiak bear.  Many of the prey items a Bengal tiger subdues are not able to fight back as well as a Kodiak bear can once the tiger gets a hold of it.  There's a recent video that shows a tiger ambushing a large gaur and seizing it by the throat while both animals remain standing.  Even though the gaur was much stronger and armed with thick horns and sharp hooves, it was not able to use these weapons against the tiger because of the position the tiger was in and how the cat was gripping the bovid.  This type of attack would not be nearly as successful against a bear because of the physical abilities and attributes of the ursid.  A tiger attempting a throat bite on a bear will put itself in range of the bear's massive paw swipes and sharp claws.  The Kodiak bear will be able to turn quickly to deal with any tiger attacking from the rear, and the Bengal tigers will find it hard to restrict the larger animal's movements long enough to get into a favorable finishing position.  2 tigers working together will certainly have a decent chance to kill a Kodiak bear if everything falls into place, but the much stronger bear will have the more dangerous strikes (less speed, but with greater force) and the ability to control positioning once physical contact is made (the Kodiak bear will be stronger than both tigers combined).  Although the tigers will be quicker and have greater agility, these attributes won't be as valuable at close quarters than the size, strength, and durability advantage enjoyed by the bear.  The tigers will only be able to fight at a high level for a limited amount of time, but the bear will be able to battle strongly for a long time.  A well-placed swipe from the Kodiak bear can seriously injure either tiger, and the cats won't be able to attempt a throat bite without exposing themselves to this danger.  The Bengal tigers will succeed some of the time, but more times than not the massive bear will drive them away.  Edge to Kodiak bear.

3 Big Shows vs large silverback gorilla: Big Show (Paul Donald Wight Jr.) weighs about the same as a large silverback gorilla.  Although the "battles" in professional wrestling are largely scripted and rehearsed, the amount of power, stamina, athleticism, timing, and accuracy must be great for any participant.  These attributes can be of sizable value in an actual combat situation.  Humans can train to fight other humans, but there's no plausible way to train a human to battle a wild animal at the same level.  A silverback gorilla is many times stronger than the strongest human.  Even though Big Show's physical stature is enormous and his physical conditioning is quite impressive, he is not close to being as strong as a silverback gorilla.  It's very possible that a gorilla will have more absolute strength than all 3 Big Shows combined and perhaps a great deal more.  A gorilla's arms can span over 2 1/2 meters wide, and they are powerful enough to break a human's bones with any forceful contact.  A gorilla's teeth are long and sharp, and its bite force is very high.  Its bite will cause serious injuries to the Big Show trio.  Gorillas aren't practiced at fighting other animals except for other gorillas, but the grabbing, pulling, biting, and pounding they can do to one another will be overwhelming to any human.  The offense the 3 Big Shows will offer (punching, kicking, etc.) won't have nearly the same effect on a silverback gorilla as it will on another human being.  I'm not really sure how many Big Shows would be needed to overpower a silverback gorilla (in the past I favored one silverback gorilla over 7 Brock Lesnars), but I'm quite certain 3 won't be enough.  Silverback gorilla wins.  

Best regards.

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