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cave troll from Lord of the Rings (the size and capabilities as well as in the film + he has the same weapon as in the movie. This large and heavy hammer.) I wish troll compared with what weapons he had in the movie. In the last issue you described him unarmed. Now I'm interested in weapons, which had in the movie. With thist very large and big hammer and later speer.

I remembered this monster. Please watch the video. Weight've already wrote.


1) 6t acrocanthosaurus

2) 10t tyranosaurus

2a 2x cave troll vs 10t tyrannosaurus

3) 5t megatherium

4) 5t asiatic elephant

6) 1,2t black rhino

7) 1,5t titanoboa

8) shelob

9) 10t triceratops

10) 2x cave troll vs 10t triceratops

11) 2x cave troll vs 18t shantungosaurus

Hello again David.

cave troll with weapon vs 6t Acrocanthosaurus: The Acrocanthosaurus will weigh about 4 times as much as the cave troll.  The cave troll's main weapon (the one it had when it first entered the battle area) is a huge hammer.  This hammer can be swung with great force and potentially cause more damage than simply swinging an arm or a fist.  Although Acrocanthosaurus has a very damaging bite and a significant size advantage, the cave troll will have a chance.  A solid strike to the theropod's head can certainly stun it, and follow-up blows can possibly dispatch the dinosaur.  However, as soon as the eager-to-engage cave troll gets close, the chance of the Acrocanthosaurus landing a debilitating bite is quite good.  Edge to Acrocanthosaurus.

cave troll with weapon vs 10t Tyrannosaurus: The Tyrannosaurus will weigh almost 7 times as much as the cave troll.  As with the Acrocanthosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus will have a huge bite that can cause serious damage to the much-smaller cave troll.  With the Tyrannosaurus being larger and more powerful than the Acrocanthosaurus, the cave troll's chances against it will be even less.  The cave troll isn't without hope, but it won't be favored here against this fearsome predator.  Tyrannosaurus wins.

2 cave trolls with weapons vs 10t Tyrannosaurus: The Tyrannosaurus will weigh almost 7 times as much as each cave troll.  The cave trolls won't be smart enough to form a strategy, and their straight-forward attack will leave them vulnerable to the Tyrannosaurus' huge bite.  A solid hit to the head with a cave troll's hammer can probably make a decent impact, but the dinosaur's jaws will be large enough to take out a cave troll with a single bite.  Again, the cave trolls can win, but the Tyrannosaurus will likely land bites on both trolls before they get enough solid strikes to land.  Edge to Tyrannosaurus.

cave troll with weapon vs 5t Megatherium: The Megatherium will weigh over 3 times as much as the cave troll.  Megatherium's armor-like skin is hard to penetrate, but a cave troll can injure it with a strike to the head.  The Megatherium's head will be out of reach of the cave troll's weapon, and the mighty clawed forelimbs of the giant ground sloth can make swipes of great force.  Because the Megatherium might not employ the right level of aggression and killer instinct until it realizes it's in danger, it can certainly be clubbed to death by a persistent cave troll.  If the Megatherium fights like it needs to, it will have enough strength and weaponry of its own to defend itself and eventually dispatch the smaller cave troll.  Edge to Megatherium.  

cave troll with weapon vs 5t Asiatic elephant: The Asiatic elephant will weigh over 3 times as much as the cave troll.  As with the Megatherium, the Asiatic elephant will need to have an aggressive mentality at the onset of the battle to have a chance.  The Asiatic elephant can charge and trample the cave troll (or gore it with its tusks), but the cave troll's hammer can injure the pachyderm with a few strikes to the head.  The cave troll's height will be enough for it to look the elephant in the eye, and it will be able to reach its head with its weapon.  As long as the elephant isn't caught off-guard and knows it needs to defend itself, it should win.  Edge to Asiatic elephant.

cave troll with weapon vs 1.2t black rhino: The cave troll will weigh about 25% more than the black rhino.  A black rhinoceros can be very aggressive to anything it perceives as a threat, so it should be ready to attack as the cave troll approaches it.  The cave troll's hammer can stun the rhino (or deflect its sharp horn), but the rhino's horn can easily impale the cave troll's body if enough force is applied behind it.  It really depends on which combatant gets the first good attack in.  Close to 50/50.

cave troll with weapon vs 1.5t Titanoboa: These 2 creatures will weigh about the same.  Titanoboa was a huge constrictor that may have exceeded 12m in length.  Titanoboa will be strong enough to suffocate the cave troll if it can get wrapped around it, but the cave troll will have a good chance of breaking the huge snake's skull or spine with a direct hit.  Titanoboa won't be very maneuverable on land (and its endurance will be limited), and it won't have a good chance to win.  In water Titanoboa's chances will improve, but the cave troll can still win be using its great strength to hinder the progress of the coils and swing its huge hammer into the snake's body.  In most situations, the cave troll will win.  

cave troll with weapon vs Shelob: The cave troll will weigh about 50% more than Shelob.  This will be a very interesting fight.  Shelob's fangs might not easily penetrate the cave troll's tough hide, but its stinger might be able to if the right area is targeted.  Shelob's sting might slow the cave troll down, but might not immediately incapacitate it.  The cave troll's hammer will cause significant harm to Shelob's body (which isn't nearly as sturdy or tough as the cave troll's), and that may be the biggest advantage for the troll.  Shelob's web usage will certainly be a factor, though.  If Shelob can expel enough web in a short amount of time to hinder the cave troll's movements, the giant spider will have a chance to employ her venomous stinger and overcome it.  The cave troll will have a battle on its hands without its hammer, but the inclusion of the hammer gives the cave troll an extra advantage.  Without knowing the extent of Shelob's ability in regards to her web usage, the slight edge goes to the cave troll.

cave troll with weapon vs 10t Triceratops: The Triceratops will weigh almost 7 times as much as the cave troll.  A Triceratops will be much like a giant rhino from the cave troll's perspective, and the black rhino earned a 50/50 in its matchup with the troll.  The Triceratops will be able to knock the cave troll over (and trample it) before receiving any significant blows from the hammer, and its long brow horns can be driven into the troll's body.  The cave troll's chances aren't very good at all, but a win won't be impossible for it.  Triceratops wins.   

2 cave trolls with weapons vs 10t Triceratops: The Triceratops will weigh almost 7 times as much as each cave troll.  Even 2 cave trolls won't be favored against a huge Triceratops.  Both will try to swing their hammers to injure the ceratopsian, but the dinosaur's ability to cause great damage by simply making forceful contact will give it the ability to knock the cave trolls around with little effort.  Without being smart enough to employ a strategy more advanced than a straight-forward attack, the cave trolls don't have good odds here.  More cave trolls will be needed.  Triceratops wins.  

2 cave trolls with weapons vs 18t Shantungosaurus: The Shantungosaurus will weigh 12 times as much as each cave troll.  Shantungosaurus was a huge hadrosaur, but it wasn't a fighter like some prehistoric herbivores were.  It likely fled from most attackers (like Tarbosaurus) or sought safety in large groups.  Even though this huge dinosaur will dwarf the cave trolls, it may be in trouble here.  It may not know to use its weight to knock over the attacking cave trolls, and the cave trolls' hammers will be able to inflict damage (especially to the head or legs).  I don't think the Shantungosaurus will have the mentality to fight off 2 aggressive cave trolls on most occasions.  Edge to cave trolls.

* the use of a spear will likely change the outcome to favor the cave troll in the matchups with black rhino and the Asiatic elephant, and make the battles with the Acrocanthosaurus and Megatherium even closer (almost even).  2 cave trolls with spears will have a decent chance to overcome the Tyrannosaurus as well.

Best regards.

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