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cave troll from film Lord of the rings (size and capabilities the same as in the film)
I thought of this monster. Please look at the video.  What is your estimate of the weight of this monster ??


1) 6t acrocanthosaurus
2) 250kg african lion
3) 1,2t black rhino
4) 500kg grizzly bear
5) 150kg jaguar
6) 5t asiatic elephant
7) 750kg moose
8) 300kg black bear
9) 600kg utahraptor
10) 1t ceratosaurus
11) 5t megatherium
12) 300kg wild boar

Hello David.

The cave troll from "The Lord of the Rings" is a stocky creature with long arms and a robust upper body.  I watched several scenes with it battling characters of known height (Sam and Frodo are about 1.22m tall each).  Gimli is slightly taller than Sam and Frodo (probably 1.42m tall or close to it).  In one quick scene Gimli is standing next to the upright cave troll, and he appears to be about 45% of the monster's height.  Based on this, the cave troll is probably slightly more than 3m tall.  I estimate the cave troll's weight to be approximately 1500kg.  The cave troll has very tough hide (swords have failed to injure it even though arrows can penetrate its body) and it is immensely strong.  It was armed in the movie, but here we'll assume it's unarmed.

cave troll vs 6t Acrocanthosaurus: Acrocanthosaurus will weigh about 4 times as much as the cave troll and measure (when standing) about 80% taller.  Acrocanthosaurus will bring a huge bite to the battle (sharp teeth set in powerful jaws), and the cave troll will probably strike with its mighty arms and bite when given the opportunity.  As tough as the hide of the cave troll is, it probably won't hold up well to the Acrocanthosaurus' savage bite.  The cave troll may be able to stun the theropod with a few strikes to the head, but the more likely scenario will be the dinosaur landing a debilitating bite to the body of the monster.  Acrocanthosaurus wins.

cave troll vs 250kg African lion: The cave troll will weigh about 6 times as much as the African lion.  The lion will bring speed and agility to the table, but may have problems penetrating the cave troll's hide with its teeth and claws.  The swinging arms of the cave troll will have significant impact if several strikes find their mark, and it may be able to control the lion's movements at close quarters by grabbing it with its massive hands.  Cave troll wins.

cave troll vs 1.2t black rhino: The cave troll will weigh about 25% more than the black rhino.  The black rhinoceros can be aggressive and combative.  It has a tank-like build, great strength, and tough hide.  The black rhino's primary weapon is the longer of 2 horns on its nose.  This horn can be driven with great power into the body of an adversary, and the rhino will likely be able to gore the cave troll in its side or underbelly.  The cave troll will attempt to stun the rhino with strikes (and may succeed), but the chances are slightly greater than the rhino's horn will cause more damage than the cave troll's arms.  Edge to black rhino.  

cave troll vs 500kg grizzly bear: The cave troll will weigh 3 times more than the grizzly bear.  Grizzly bears are probably the most formidable bears pound-for-pound, and they can be aggressive.  They have great strength, endurance, and weaponry (jaws and claws).  As strong as the bear will be, it will likely get overpowered by the cave troll.  The cave troll's tough hide will help protect it from the bear's offense, and the monster will eventually get the upper hand.  Cave troll wins.

cave troll vs 150kg jaguar: The cave troll will weigh 10 times more than the jaguar and stand over 4 times taller than the shoulder height of the cat.  Jaguars are very powerful felids with incredibly strong bites.  They often kill prey with a bite to the back of the skull.  The tough hide of the cave troll will present problems for the jaguar's claws and teeth, and the jaguar will have a hard time getting into position to land an effective skull bite against such a strong opponent (and its jaws may be gape-limited against such a large foe), and it will risk injury at close quarters due to the monster's swinging arms.  Cave troll wins.

cave troll vs 5t Asiatic elephant: The Asiatic elephant will weigh over 3 times as much as the cave troll.  The elephant will have the advantage in strength and size (its shoulder height will be close to the standing height of the cave troll) in this battle, but the cave troll moves well for its size, and its clubbing arms can potentially injure the elephant.  If the elephant takes the initiative and charges into the cave troll (using its weight to crush or its tusks to gore), it can injure the troll and gain the upper hand.  The cave troll can win on occasion, but it won't be favored against such a heavy opponent.  Edge to Asiatic elephant.

cave troll vs 750kg moose: The cave troll will be twice as heavy as the moose.  Moose have wide-spreading antlers (with sharp points along the edges) that can cause injury by ramming, and sharp hooves that can be dangerous as well.  The cave troll's tough hide will protect it a great deal, and its great strength and huge arms will enable it to grab the moose and control its movements (or injure it with strikes).  Cave troll wins.

cave troll vs 300kg black bear: The cave troll will weigh 5 times more than the black bear.  Black bears aren't quite as formidable as brown bears, but they can fight at a high level if they need to.  Their jaws and claws make handy weapons, and their endurance is fantastic.  The cave troll was favored against the 500kg grizzly bear, and this 300kg black bear will be a step down from that.  Cave troll wins.

cave troll vs 600kg Utahraptor: The cave troll will weigh about 2 1/2 times as much as the Utahraptor.  Utahraptor brings a variety of weapons to the table (strong bite with sharp teeth, clawed forelimbs for grabbing, clawed hindlimbs for kicking), and it has excellent turning and leaping ability.  Utahraptor can leap upon the cave troll and deliver what would normally be impressive offense, but the tough hide of the cave troll will keep the theropod from gaining too much headway.  The swinging arms of the brutally strong cave troll will be able to injure Utahraptor, and the monster shoulder be able to prevail.  Cave troll wins.

cave troll vs 1t Ceratosaurus: The cave troll will weigh about 50% more than the Ceratosaurus.  Ceratosaurus is a meat-eating dinosaur with large jaws and sharp teeth, and some believe its small nose horn may have been used to spar with other Ceratosauruses.  An upright-standing Ceratosaurus will be slightly taller than the cave troll.  This will be a strike vs bite affair, and the tough hide of the cave troll will be its trump card (yet again).  The cave troll will probably have more success with its strikes than the Ceratosaurus will have with its bite.  Edge to cave troll.

cave troll vs 5t Megatherium: Megatherium will weigh over 3 times as much as the cave troll and stand over 50% taller.  Megatherium (giant ground sloth) will have tough hide to rival the cave troll, and long swinging forelimbs (with claws) as well.  Megatherium will be slower and less maneuverable, but will have a great size and strength advantage.  The cave troll will likely attack head-on (intelligence isn't a strong suit for it), and the Megatherium's claws will be effective enough to eventually dispatch the monster.  Edge to Megatherium.

cave troll vs 300kg wild boar: The cave troll will weigh 5 times more than the wild boar.  The wild boar will be quicker than the cave troll, but its tusks will not be able to penetrate the monster's hide easily.  The wild boar's hide is tough as well, but its body (especially its head) will not be able to stand up to the concussive force delivered by the cave troll's powerful clubbing arms.  Cave troll wins.  

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