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Hey BK, its great to be talking to you again and as usual I have another question. Here goes. who would win between a Leopard and a wild boar?

Thank You

Hello Trish.  Good to hear from you again.

Leopard vs Wild Boar: A wild boar can weigh over twice as much as a large male leopard.  A large wild boar can weigh 440lb (some in Russia can reportedly weigh much more than this), and a large tom leopard can weigh up to 200lb.  The leopard is considered by many to be the 2nd strongest of the big cats (after the jaguar) pound-for-pound.  It has a very muscular neck and shoulder area, and can haul heavy prey items up into trees.  Being a solitary hunter, the leopard must be careful when engaging other dangerous animals because an injury might impede its ability to hunt effectively.  The leopard occasionally has hostile interactions with hyenas and baboons, and often tackles dangerous prey items that exceed its own weight.  Its strong jaws, sharp teeth, and sharp claws make good hunting tools and formidable weapons, and its agility, quickness, and athleticism serve it well in any encounter.  The wild boar is a difficult opponent for any attacker.  It has very tough hide, sharp tusks, and the ability to charge and turn quickly.  The leopard occasionally predates upon warthogs and giant forest hogs, so it is somewhat experienced dealing with suids.  The leopard can certainly kill a wild boar with an ambush, but tackling one over twice its own weight face-to-face will be a rather monumental task.  The leopard will need to seize the wild boar in such a way to keep the pig's tusks at bay, and then proceed to move into a position that will enable the big cat to apply a suffocating throat bite.  A leopard can do this against a similar-sized wild boar or even one a little bit heavier, but a 440lb one will be out of reach on most occasions without an ambush.  A boar this big will be too strong for the leopard to easily control, and the risk of a slashing injury will be high for the leopard.  A good opponent for a wild boar is a large jaguar or even a lioness (or tigress).  Full-grown giant forest hogs and very large wild boars can be worthy opponents for lions and tigers.  The leopard can win this by ambush, but the wild boar is more than a match face-to-face.  Wild boar wins.

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