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Hi again BK, Who would win between a Gorilla and a Chimpanzee?

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Gorilla vs Chimpanzee: A gorilla can weigh 3 to 3 1/2 times as much as a chimpanzee.  Gorillas are the largest apes, and a large silverback can weigh up to 460lb (some zoo-kept specimens can exceed this).  A gorilla's arms can span 8 1/2ft and it can stand almost 6ft tall when upright.  It is a very strong animal, and has a very strong bite force to manage tough vegetation.  A gorilla's canine teeth can reach 2" in length, and a bite from this primate can cause a nasty wound.  Gorillas aren't practiced at battling other animals, but males will occasionally rumble when a dispute between them arises.  These conflicts usually involve bluffing, posturing, and vocalization, but more serious altercations can include pulling, biting, and striking.  A male chimpanzee can weigh 130lb (a very large one can approach 150lb in the wild), and ones reaching 200lb are rare and conditionally so (zoo-kept; pets, etc.).  A chimpanzee is the 3rd largest ape (only gorillas and orangutans are bigger), and it shares some of the same attributes as the gorilla.  It is very strong, has long arms with grabbing hands, can inflict bites in a conflict, and usually tries to intimidate rivals as opposed to physically engaging them.  Like the gorilla, a chimpanzee doesn't have a great deal of experience batting animals outside their species.  A chimpanzee does encounter a larger variety of potential rivals (the leopard is the gorilla's only real enemy), but usually deals with any threat by fleeing or utilizing a numbers advantage with help from its troop.  A single chimpanzee won't have much of a chance against a single gorilla.  Even a female gorilla will be more than a match, as she will be almost twice as heavy as a male chimpanzee and significantly stronger.  Check out the answers of gorilla vs chimpanzee at equal weights ("most interesting animal fights" from 8/15/13), 10 chimpanzees vs 1 gorilla ("10 vs 1" from 2/25/14), silverback gorilla vs 2 chimpanzees ("primate conflict" from 9/7/14), and 5 chimpanzees vs silverback gorilla ("Epic Battles" from 1/9/15).

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