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Who would win between a Great White Shark and a Black Marlin?

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Great White Shark vs Black Marlin: The great white shark can weigh over 3 times as much as the black marlin.  Great white sharks are powerful predators with large jaws armed with many rows of sharp teeth.  The shark is an ambush predator, and will often attack prey from below.  It will usually bite into the victim and retreat to avoid injury, and will wait for the prey to weaken from blood loss before reengaging.  Great white sharks have tough hides due to their rigid scales, and are exceptionally strong swimmers (many can leap entirely out of the water as well).  Black marlins are a popular game fish, and like other marlins can be ferocious fighters when caught on a fishing line.  Black marlins can swim at speeds faster than the fastest land animal (the cheetah) and swim over twice as fast as the great white shark.  The bill of the black marlin can certainly injure a great white shark, but most attempts to do so will leave the marlin vulnerable to a counter-attack (and a potentially fatal bite injury).  A black marlin isn't without hope, and although it would have a good chance at close weights, the great white shark is simply to big and durable to lose this battle consistently.  The black marlin's best chance of survival is to flee.  Great white shark wins.   

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